Exclusive interview: John C Maxwell shares leadership lessons with Asia Advisers Network

| 19 Oct 2018

Leadership expert John C Maxwell sat down for a chat with Asia Advisers Network Editor Benjamin Ang. He shares lessons he has learnt on his own leadership journey and what you can do to become a better leader.

If you have trouble leading millennials, John shares how you should go about it.

For potential leaders, whether you are deciding if you or an adviser in your team has the potential to be a leader, John shares what are the signs to look out for.

And, of course, he shares his own leadership journey, what we can learn from his experience, and what even he is still working on to become a better leader.    

This interview with John Maxwell, New York Times bestselling author, coach and speaker, was held at the 2018 MDRT Annual Meeting. 

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Here’s where you will find the key talking points:

0:08 - Learning from failure as a leader

1:35 - What has or hasn’t changed in terms of being a great leader?

2:56 - What is John Maxwell working on to become a better leader?

4:27 - Truly growing means being out of your comfort zone

5:39 - Leading people through transformation

7:17 - Are millennials any different to manage?

8:29 - Qualities of a potential leader

10:19 - How do I know if I’m ready to be a leader?


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