Marking Asia Advisers Network's first milestone

| 23 Nov 2018

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." - Benjamin Franklin

It goes without saying, Asia Advisers Network would never be where we are without the opportunities and continuous support of the industry, community, as well as our fans like you!.  

This article marks AAN’s first milestone - turning one, and growing from zero to 13,000 followers on Facebook alone within a year.

In his years in the industry and at Asia Insurance Review, AAN Founding Editor, Benjamin Ang , always felt there was a segment in the industry that was always shunned and put in a negative light – the insurance agents and advisers. With positive nudging and encouragement from the CEO - Mr Sivam, and operational support from the colleagues at Asia Insurance Review, Asia Advisers Network began to have a distinct identity.

In any society, just one black sheep is enough to tarnish the whole race. And it’s true in the Insurance industry. Bad news always makes the front page while good and honest work is underappreciated. That’s where AAN comes in.

Asia Advisers Network is an online platform spearheaded by Benjamin. It is dedicated to shining the spotlight on the good that professional insurance agents and advisers do.

The articles published not only showcase the good image of the industry and its professionals, but also to inform and educate through insights from senior executives and the best practises of successful advisers and agency leaders to raise the bar of excellence in the industry.

At Asia Advisers Network, we want our work to be recognised as much as insurance agents and advisers want to be recognised for serving the community. Being recognised is one of the ways to measure success. That’s why we want to take the opportunity to mark our one year anniversary and celebrate the occasion as a humble start-up together with you.

Recognition: Let us toot the horns of our colleagues

If you’ve read till this paragraph, I hope you’ll continue reading till the end- because, it’s the body that moves the head (literally and figuratively in an organisation sense).

You see how Marvel’s smart to place teasers right after their credits so that the audience sit through where their entire crew gets mentioned?

That’s right, meet the core team behind Asia Advisers Network.

Azri AKA Mr Video Guy

He’s at every conference, every major event with his 4k TV quality camera. He’s the one that makes you look good in his videos. All the Asia Insurance Review and Asia Advisers Network videos are done by him.

Just because you see him rolling around with a camera, you might think it’s a fun and easy job to do. The truth is, the number of hours dedicated to editing the clips into sharp and fun to watch videos is immense.

Although he’s very busy, he doesn’t shun away colleagues when they need help. He’s one of the most approachable people and will always be willing to teach and answer any questions on video stuff.

Junaid AKA King of Social Media

He has grown his own personal twitter account to 2.5k followers using a string of methods and has even published a small booklet on how to achieve it.

Download his 50 Social Media Tips here

Junaid’s part of the main reason why AAN has grown from zero to thirteen thousand followers on Facebook. He understands the behaviours and needs of the social media crowd, and he knows when and how to deliver it.

Unlike his 50 tips on social media, the only tip I can share is “go download his 50 Social Media Tips”.

Gladys AKA Ms Marketing

She’s our newest addition to the team, but she has done so much already.

Brimming with so many marketing strategies, it’s amazing to witness how she conceptualises an entire concept while making it simple for us to understand.

In her first month, she came up with AAN’s 2019 calendar plans, along with other proposals and initiatives. Her gung-ho spirit is contagious as the team starts picking up traits of her can-do attitude. 

Of course, there’s also plenty of support and help we can count on from many of our colleagues in Asia Insurance Review,

All in All

All in all, it’s been a good year. The team is growing, the network is growing, and the trust in AAN is growing.

We know we are not perfect. But, our strength is that we’re always growing, always open to exploring new ideas, and always moving forward.

Signing off –  Sharon Zhong


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