Judging panel highlight- Jensen Siaw

| 23 Jan 2019

Another prolific figure on the judging panel of the Awards is Jensen Siaw, an international speaker who has motivated over 250,000 people through his keynotes and seminars across Asia. Known as a master motivator in the life insurance industry, he has coached MDRT, COT and TOT qualifiers and leaders of Multi-Million Dollar Agencies.

Jensen is also the master trainer for AIA Singapore annual MDRT boot camp since 2014. As a regular recruitment keynote speaker in the region, he works closely with CAOs and agency leaders to achieve a breakthrough in their recruitment and production results.

As a judge on the panel, Jensen looks beyond production numbers and case count. Here are some of the qualities he’ll be looking out for in the selection for winners:

Candidates should have “an authentic heart, and strong sense of mission to secure the futures of families and protect the dreams of children through their life insurance work.”

You may find some of Jensen’s motivation topics here:

Invest in your productive hours

Overcoming challenges and obstacles

How to stay motivated every day

When asked why is the Awards an important initiative for the industry, Jensen replied, “It serves to elevate the good and hard work of life agents and advisers who are often the unsung heroes in many families and societies.”

Take it from Jensen- seasoned performance coach and motivational speaker, when it comes to standing out in a digital era, “In the digital age, agents and advisers could reach out to more people, faster, and deliver greater positive impact through life insurance work. To stand out, other than leveraging on technology, you will need to show human factors like a true listening ear, an authentic love for people, and an empathetic heart to reach and feel.”


For more information on the awards and how to apply,

Visit: www.asiaadvisersnetwork.com/Awards or


Mr Mohamad Hyqel

Awards Administrator, Asia Insurance Review



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