Eight Chinese New Year Greetings to use

| 07 Feb 2019

Usher in the year of the PIG with Founding Editor, Benjamin Ang, and Jensen Siaw International - Jensen, Andrew, Joshua Luke and Tylus.

Here are eight (8 = lucky number) creative ways to greet your friends, relatives, and clients during the Chinese Lunar New Year:

1. Wish you luck in the Year of the PIG 

zhu nián dàjí


2. Business flourishes

Shengyì xinglóng


3. Harmony brings wealth

Héqì shengcái


4. Money and treasures will be plentiful

Cáiyuán guang jìn


5. Treasures fill the home

Zhao cái jìn bao


6. Promoting to a higher position

Shengguan facái


7. Good luck in the year ahead!

Gong hè xin xi


8.  Wishing all an ep-PIG year with an abundance of health and wealth


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