Mark Tang shares recruitment tips and the rule he lives by

| 25 Apr 2019

Mark Tang, immediate past President of FSMA knows why so many agency managers give up recruitment after a while. As a veteran in the insurance industry, he understands the amount of time and effort put into recruiting new candidates (after-all he has been through it, too).

Other than sharing a few tips on getting the recruitment numbers, he revealed a principle he lives by – the Pareto Principle. 

The Pareto Principle, known as the 80-20 rule, is a law that you can apply quite easily to any aspect in your life. From time management to even the clothes you wear.    

Fun fact: applying the 80-20 rule in sports can help us view life differently, too. Example: 20% of the exercises and habits have 80% of the impact on a person’s body. So, in sports, trainees do not spend 100% focused on training in their sport. Having a healthy diet and working on varied training activities help.  

For Mark, he explains that identifying the 20% of your efforts that would help you yield 80% of the results is very crucial. For him, going through years of trial and error has taught him what are the things that worked and don’t work. 

So right now, are you able to apply the Pareto’s law to your own business?


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