SII 55th Anniversary:Giving is as good as receiving

| 06 Jun 2019

There's never going to be a perfect time to give, but there will always be people out there in need of help. Singapore Insurance Institute ("SII") 55th Anniversary Charity Ball is happening on 26 July 2019 and Asia Advisers Network is proud to be the official media partner on this joyous and meaningful occasion. We caught up with SII President Jeanette Lim to find out more.

Photo: Ms Jeanette Lim, President, Singapore Insurance Institute

Why does SII organise the charity ball and why is Chen Su Lan Children’s home selected as the beneficiary?

Jeanette Lim: A key focus of SII is Corporate Social Responsibility where we want to do our part through fund-raising and charitable donations for local causes. At the same time, we want to provide more opportunities for individuals and corporations connected with the insurance industry to make an active and hands-on contribution.

And as we gather to celebrate this important milestone of 55th anniversary of the institute, it is certainly very appropriate and meaningful to organise this charity ball to give back to the society.

The SII Council discussed and deliberated over the choice of the charity beneficiary where we decided to appoint Chen Su Lan as our charity beneficiary. It provides shelter, care and protection to boys and girls to prepare them to be happy and responsible members of the family and community. We will also be inviting some of the boys and girls from Chen Su Lan to join us on the evening of celebration on 26 July.


Celebrating the 55th year is a big milestone. So, who are the people behind SII, and why is it important to serve in the non-profit organisation?


JL: SII as a non-profit organisation in the industry, has come so far in the last 55 years. It is only possible because of the passion and commitment of the professionals in the industry, who have stepped forward to serve the community despite their busy schedules and workload. 

Over the years, many individuals have given their time and resources into giving back to the society, and this is the same sharing and giving spirit of the industry that keeps us strong till today.

It is also heartening to see that there are many insurance professionals today who are so open to contributing and doing their bit for the industry. And they come from all parts of the industry, cutting across gender, age and experience.


Tell us more about SII’s vision for the insurance industry in Singapore. And what’s SII’s vision for the next 55 years?

JL: SII’s vision for the insurance industry in Singapore is for us to be the forefront of the insurance industry, not just in the region but also in the world.

And SII’s vision remains focused on promoting professionalism in insurance and financial services within the industry, not just in Singapore but beyond the shores.

We want to continue fostering peer interaction by better connecting industry members and laying the foundations of industry communication. We also aim to enable members to develop professional working relationships with one another through our SII network.

As an institute, we are definitely looking into a greater and stronger 55 years in terms of growing our focus of being the platform for the insurance industry to network, share experiences, develop new skills and strengthen the professionalism of the industry.


What are the highlights of 2019? And what can we look forward to in 2020?

JL: In 2019, we saw the inaugural collaboration between SII and SFA (Singapore Fintech Association) where we organised a seminar on “Getting digitally ready for the ever-changing insurance landscape”. And of course, the SII 55th Anniversary Charity Ball will be the key highlight for us in 2019.

In 2020, there will be more collaborations with associations and institutes to bring more value-added activities to our SII members and friends. We will explore events where we will not only provide technical training to our audience but also the opportunity to share experiences and discuss industry-wide concerns.


Serving in your 2nd year as president, what are you most proud of and what do you hope to achieve next with SII?

JL: In the last 2 years, we have launched several new initiatives within the institute, which included joint events with government ministries and also the institutes of higher learning in Singapore.

In terms of digital footprint, we started our SII Linkedin and Facebook page and our SII Connect where we showcase our activities and share our events and happenings with our members and friends.

I would definitely like to continue in this direction to widen the outreach of SII and bring the collaboration to a higher level, bringing more value and learnings to our SII members and friends.


SII 55th Anniversary Charity Ball 2019

According to research by the National Institutes of Health, donating money helps one to feel better. Knowing that your money goes to a good cause activates the pleasure sensors deep in the brain.

We do not need to be wealthy to realise that even a little bit of help goes a long way.

All auction proceeds at the charity ball will go to Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home. You may find more details on how to register for the event and sponsorship options on this webpage.