Be part of an elite global community - MDRT Singapore Country Chair Laura Hoi

| 20 Jun 2019

After making history with the first MDRT Day in Singapore last year, it is back bigger and better this year. Asia Advisers Network is proud to be the official media partner once again. We caught up with 15-year Qualifying and Life Member Laura Hoi, ChFC, AEPP, Country Chair of MDRT Membership Communications Committee (MCC) Singapore, on what it really means to be an MDRT member and what's in store this year.

“A lot of people think that MDRT is about achieving a production goal. But it is a lot more than that. I always tell aspiring and new MDRT members, you are actually joining an elite global community. One where members readily exchange ideas to help each other to be successful,” said Laura.

At the MDRT Annual Meetings and Global Conferences, not only do members increase their level of skills, the code of ethics and living the whole person concept are also emphasised. This is to remind members to perform their duties professionally and to live more balanced and fulfilling lives, she said.

Furthermore, resources are provided to help members to continue to excel. These include the bi-monthly publication Round the Table, monthly e-newsletter and online resources where MDRT members share proven ideas and concepts from a global perspective.

“A lot of what I’m doing in my business today is what I’ve learnt from the community. MDRT has challenged me to raise my standards so as to better serve my clients,” she said.  


Igniting the MDRT spirit in Singapore

MDRT MCC Singapore has done a great job at igniting the MDRT Spirit over the years. It started with a small group of five in 2011 appointed by Million Dollar Round Table with a common goal to promote the value of MDRT, raise the bar and to give back to the industry.

It now has 13 members in the committee. The number of MDRT members in Singapore has also grown significantly over the years. In 2016, there were only 902 members. In 2019, the number has grown to some 1,700. This means that an MDRT member in Singapore is among the top 7-8% in the country, she said.

Laura assumed the role of country chair in 2017. On why she took on the task, she said: “We are all volunteers, dedicated MDRT members who love sharing ideas, impacting the community, and we share a common goal of helping to raise the professional standards in the industry.”

She added, “One of the MDRT past presidents shared, ‘your sales production will get you to MDRT, but it is volunteering that will get MDRT into you’. Through volunteering with the MCC, we bring out the best in each other as we come together to serve towards a common goal. We also embrace the Whole Person Concept that MDRT promotes by giving back to the community.”

Earlier this year in January, the committee organised its first community project, bringing 30 children from the Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) to attend a specially arranged MacDonald’s party.

(MDRT MCC Singapore welcomes volunteers. If you are interested in finding out more, drop a message on Facebook here.)


MDRT Day Singapore – “Embrace. Evolve. Excel”

The very first MDRT Day Singapore organised last year was a resounding success with some 1,500 attendees, out of which about 75% were non-members.

This year’s MDRT Day Singapore 2019 with the theme “Embrace. Evolve. Excel” promises to be even bigger and better. It will be held in Marina Bay Sands on 30 July and is expected to attract 2,000-2,500 attendees.

“Many of the attendees last year, members and non-members alike, felt that they took away a lot just by hearing fellow practitioners share their journey. Non-members also got the chance to experience what MDRT is like on a smaller scale,” she said.

This year, attendees can expect more from the exciting line-up of speakers. “We are also getting more speakers who are non-practitioners to share to drive home the whole person concept message,” she said.

So be prepared to be inspired by May Ooi, Team Manager for Singapore Ju-Jitsu National Team. May was a national athlete in swimming. Later on, she transformed herself and also became a national athlete in Ju-Jitsu, and a professional MMA fighter. Also, Jensen Siaw, a master motivator in the life insurance industry who has impacted some 250,000 people in Asia, including MDRT, COT, and TOT qualifiers.

Other speakers to look out for include:

  • MDRT President Ross Vanderwolf, a 31-year MDRT member with nine COT and eight TOT qualifications
  • Solomon Hicks, Qualifying and Life member of the MDRT for 32 years, a 23-time COT qualifier, and a 20-time TOT qualifier
  • Jong Thian Lung, a Lifetime MDRT member with two TOT and two COT qualifications, and Insurance Agent of the Year finalist at the 3rd Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards
  • Eunice Chen, A 24-year Qualifying and Life member of MDRT with 8 COT and 1 TOT qualifications, and also a 12 time International Dragon Award recipient

To register and for more information on the speakers and agenda, visit:


Bonus tip: Follow-up idea to build credibility

One of the ideas Laura picked up at a past MDRT Annual Meeting focus session which she has implemented and continued to use till this day is to send a follow-up brief following an appointment.

A one-page brief on what was discussed, the goals to achieve, the action plan, and things to put in place.

“You client or prospect has sat down with you for comprehensive planning over an hour or two. It is important to show that their time is not wasted. By sending the brief, it helps to ensure that we are on the same page, so it makes things easier the next time we meet for follow-up.

“It also helps to build credibility and trust as clients see you as a professional who is systematic, values his time and that nothing is left out,” she said.


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