Be better than you were yesterday

| 11 Jul 2019

Overcoming Low Points - Special interview with Theresa Goh

We, at AAN, have met and interviewed some of the most prominent people in the industry and beyond. From titans in the C-suite leading the way for innovation and enterprise to heroes on the ground, helping society gain peace of mind in their everyday lives.

They are some of the most inspiring and insightful people we have had the pleasure of speaking with both on camera, and off it.

Among them is Theresa Goh, a Paralympic medallist, and a world record holder in the SB4 50 metres and 200 metres breaststroke events.

She was also inducted into the Singapore Women’s Hall Of Fame in 2014, and was Singapore’s Sportswoman of the Year from 2004 to 2006.

There are many other accolades and platitudes you could attach to her, but the word that best describes the interview we did with her: strength.

During the interview, Theresa brought up the importance of how important it is to compete with yourself, and not with others.

Why would a nationally renowned athlete not want to compete with others?

“Let’s say that you have a limit. And no matter how much of your best you work, or how hard you work, that limit will be the most you’ll ever go, and it’s all you need to be.

“It’s always better to compete with who you were yesterday, be better than you were yesterday. There’s really no point competing against others.”

Isn’t it true? The frustrations we go through in life trying to be better than others, but not realising that we have been steadily gaining ground, improving, and succeeding.

Catch the interview we did with her at the Singapore Sports Hub as she shares the nuggets of wisdom she has learned along the way to becoming one of the best athletes Singapore has produced!

Also check out when Theresa speaks about the importance of family, and how it's okay to be different!

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