#MDRTGC2019: Embrace the Whole Person concept

| 25 Sep 2019

Highlights of 2019 MDRT Global Conference in Sydney, Australia. (Video edited by Azri Bahari)

"Becoming a Whole Person is not a one-time event. Whole Persons are engaged in a lifetime quest to achieve balance in all aspects of their lives. Achieving one's full potential, while engaging in a meaningful and rewarding journey, is a lifelong goal."

And embracing the Whole Person concept was a key message that was repeatedly highlighted and emphasised to members at the MDRT Global Conference 2019 held in Sydney.

Living a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle and becoming a Whole Person lays a strong foundation to reach our full potential.  

In an exclusive interview with MDRT President Regina Bedoya, she said, “MDRT is for the adviser that has that fire in their belly that wants to grow, that wants to become the best adviser they can be. We want people who embrace the Whole Person concept. To be truly a successful person, you need to pay attention to every dimension of your humanity.”

Building on the Whole Person concept, Mark Hanna, MDRT Past President 2017 said, “The Whole Person concept coaches us to maintain balance between several key elements so that we have the greatest opportunity to maintain happy and successful lives.”

In addition, he spoke about having a plan to cope with change. He said, “Disruption in our professional careers is as likely as the disruption you and I counsel our own clients to prepare for. We counsel families on the importance of adequate insurance, and we counsel them on procuring the right kinds of insurance.”

He added, “Why? Because we know, and they need to know, that transition is inevitable for all of us.”

Peggy Tsai, MDRT Executive Committee Secretary, said MDRT’s DNA is that when you are willing to invest more time to volunteer, you will also grow as a result. She also said that after joining MDRT, she has a deeper understanding of MDRT’s value and the Whole Person concept which has touched her life.

Jong Thian Lung, MDRT PGA Director, shared a takeaway he got from one of the conference speakers, “Life is either a daring adventure or it’s nothing. The journey of MDRT is an adventure itself. For those of us who are in this industry, we want to embrace MDRT. We want to go on this adventure. Because if you are in the industry and you’re not aiming to be MDRT, I think the journey is, like what he said, nothing.”

Watch the rest of the video for more key messages from Tim Urban on “Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator” and Ben Nemtin, co-founder of “The Buried Life” movement.

With a strong line up of speakers every day, MDRT members were never short of learning opportunities as well as to make new friends to make from across the region.

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