Doing the impossible - breaking a barrier that humans thought was impossible

| 15 Oct 2019

(Credit: Eliud Kipchoge facebook page)

Eliud Kipchoge, a Kenyan long-distance runner, did what was thought to be humanly impossible - making history by running the marathon under two hours. One hour 59 minutes and 40 seconds to be exact.

The Olympic marathon 2016 winner and marathon world record holder of who clocked the time of 2:01:39 at the 2018 Berlin Marathon, did the “impossible” on 12 October 2019 in Vienna.

A marathon is 42.195 kilometres.

The feat drew parallels to the sub-four-minute mile by Roger Bannisterin in 1954 or the first sub-10 second 100m sprint by Jim Hines at the 1968 Olympics.

Eliud said, “I am the happiest man to run in under two hours in order to inspire many people. To tell people that no human is limited. You can do it.”


No human is limited. Now go out there and do your “impossible”.


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