What's the mentality of the adviser who held the record as the youngest COT qualifier in AIA Malaysia like?

| 26 Feb 2020

Video edited by Sharon Zhong

At 27, Soh Yan Xin qualified for Court of the Table, making him the youngest in AIA Malaysia to ever do so in 2017. We couldn't pass up the chance to pick his brains on his mindset and methods on achieving this amazing feat when he came over to Singapore.

As someone who has moved to three different states in Malaysia before finally settling down in Penang, Yan Xin has managed to form new connections and yet qualify for Court of the Table in a foreign place.

In this exclusive interview, Yan Xin shares his “Why” and “How” in achieving COT.


Doing something no one has done before

It was during a time when his best friend had recently passed away, and it hit him then that, “we can all leave the world anytime, anywhere”. It made him realised to carve a name for himself that people would remember him for.

That was when he decided to achieve Court of the Table and be the youngest doing that. Seeing how one of his clients recovered from fourth stage cancer also gave him the extra boost and belief that he could achieve something that no one had done before.

He knew there was only failure or success that lay ahead of his goal. He noted that no one would pay attention to him even if he failed, but trying hard and succeeding at the end of the day would be more gratifying. And that was the mindset that paved the way to his success.

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Zero to hero

Born in a different state, Yan Xin had moved to three different states in Malaysia before arriving in Penang. And only starting his insurance career in Penang, he had zero connections and zero friends.  

Building his network from scratch and closing deals right after knowing them was admittedly his toughest hurdle. However, as someone who has lived in three different states, it made him empathetic to those he meets and made friends with. He easily understood people’s situation and “was able to care for people as soon as they knew each other”.

Attributing his achievement to the way he lets people “tell him what they actually need and what they actually want in their life, rather than pushing products or letting them know what they should buy”. He added, “We go hand in hand together towards a solution”.

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Success blueprint

Yan Xin focuses on quality and quantity. Visualising the number of cases he needed in that year helped him focus on quality. Making sure every appointment counts and has a high closure rate, he plans a script with his mentor and role play possible scenarios to ensure he’s always prepared. “I have to make sure my appointments have quality, I have to make sure when I see my customers, and I treat it as the last appointment,” said Yan Xin.

For people looking for their breakthrough, Yan Xin stressed the importance of having a good mentor. “One who is willing to really press you, risk the chances of you hating them, but still willing to press you to make sure that at the end of the day you can achieve what you want to achieve. I think getting a mentor is the most important thing if a person wants to achieve a breakthrough”, he said.

Closing the interview with a strong quote, “Do or die. We don’t know when we will leave the world. If we do, make sure we leave something for people to remember us for.”


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