Munch with Jen & Ben - Episode 1

| 20 Mar 2020

Video production by Jensen Siaw International

Hosting our first ever live talk show with Jensen Siaw International, Asia Advisers Network is proud to be the co-host of the talk show series 'Munch with Jen & Ben"!

Hosted weekly by Performance Breakthrough Coach Jensen Siaw of Jensen Siaw International and Benjamin Ang, Editor of Asia Advisers Network, there will be a lot of fun as they comb through traditional snacks and childhood games with special guests on the show.

It’s not all just fun and games as the guests will answer industry-related questions as well as share their life experiences during the talk show.

The two guests featured in this week’s episode were Jason Tan, Leads Generation Architect and Tay Kah Lok, Executive Financial Consultant. Both sharing best practices on how to go about their work and daily life especially in uncertain times as today’s Covid-19 situation.

In case you do not have time to watch through the entire 30 minutes session, here are the highlights to the questions they answered along with time stamps:

  1. What is one life philosophy you want to teach your kids?

8m 30s mark

Kah Lok: “I think one life philosophy I want to pass on to my son is Kindness.” He has already planned to hang a sign on their main wall that says “Kindness is the ultimate strength”. Kah Lok explains that “You can have all the success in the world, but if you’re not kind, then it doesn’t really matter after all. So I really want my son to grow up a kind person. A kind person before anything else”.

Jason: Jason said there are so many life philosophies but if he had to narrow it down to one, it would be “to be fearless”. He adds on “I realised many people are afraid to do many things. Too afraid to fail. Too afraid to try. Too afraid to step out. They’re so afraid to the point it’s counterproductive. So one has to be fearless. If you’re fearless, you would have a dare-to-try spirit, and this spirit will bring you a long way.


  1. How do you continue to be on your clients’ mind without appearing?

12m mark

Jason: “When I ask you to think of a fast food restaurant, what’s the name that comes to mind? What about sports brand? Have these companies ever come to you personally to say Hi? No. So, that’s the concept of branding. It’s very important that you know how to brand yourself, constantly leverage on a lot of non-personal communication tools to create touch points between you and your customers.”

Jason went further and explained the magic of video marketing.  Skip to the 17m 10s mark for the magic of video marketing.

15m  mark

Kah Lok: “During my 5th year, I started a video series called MoneyMap and the main purpose of MoneyMap is to really bring value to my clients even though I’m not in front of them.” He added, “We don’t get to meet our clients regularly- sometimes once or twice a year. And if we don’t have contact points or touch points in-between then our clients will slowly and gradually forget about us. What I want as an adviser is that even though I’m not in front of you giving you value, I’ll still want to give you value digitally throughout the whole year.”

Kah Lok ensures the videos he creates are neutral, non salesy, completely for educational purposes with no strings attached because he wants to create a safe environment for them to view his contents.

20m 30s mark

  1. In uncertain times, how do you move forward with certainty?

Jason: “You must always stay uncomfortable to be comfortable.”

He explains that uncertainty is going to hit you hard when it comes, so it’s always best to get out of your comfort zone. “Stay uncomfortable, go pick up a new skill or learn something new, because times are always changing especially when there’s technology.” He added, “You’ll never know when you’re going to need it. You have to invest in yourself.”

21m 50s mark

Kah Lok:  “I’d like to echo what Jason has just mentioned- to be uncomfortable. Doesn’t matter if we are in an uncertain era, we should always stay uncomfortable. This is why I moved on from MoneyMap series and started the “Dear Advisers’ series because at one point I started to feel comfortable.”


23m 30s  mark

All being young fathers, watch their 30-sec message they give to their children.

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