How many MDRT members are there in my country or market?

| 13 Jul 2020

Have you ever wondered just how prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) membership is in your country or territory? Maybe you are an MDRT member and you are wondering just how many fellow Million Dollar Round Table members there are in my market? Or if you are a consumer and your adviser or agent shared that he/she is an MDRT member, and you are wondering what the big deal is? Asia Advisers Network breaks down the numbers for you.

First, a brief introduction if you are not familiar with the term or organisation: Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) is seen as “The Premier Association of Financial Professionals”. MDRT members need to demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service. MDRT membership is often recognised internationally as the standard of excellence in the life insurance and financial services business.

Here's the number of MDRT members in the top 10 member countries/territories. 

2020 Top 10 Member Countries/Territories (as of July 1, 2020)

Rank  Country / Territory  2020 Members 
1 Hong Kong 10,858
2 China 9,848
3 United States 7,349
4 Japan 7,158
5 Taiwan 6,286
6 Vietnam 3,051
7 Thailand 2,803
8 Indonesia 2,745
9 Republic of Korea 2,513
10 India 2,494

Source: MDRT

This MDRT coverage is brought to you by Manulife.

If you have yet to register for the MDRT Virtual Event happening on 3-7 August, you can find out more about the event and find the MDRT Virtual Event registration link here.


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