More than 20,000 views of the 3-day Insurance Inspired Summit - Download and learn from 18 top speakers at your own pace

| 15 Sep 2020

What if you could learn from 18 of the biggest names and experts in the insurance industry to help you thrive in your business? And learn from them again and again?

Now you can.

We gathered 18 top agents, agency leaders, senior executives and subject matter experts in the region to share their winning strategies. The Insurance Inspired virtual summit was held over three days and attracted more than 20,000 views.

Now you can get to watch, and learn again and again at your own pace in the comfort of your home through the recording of the event!

The 18 speakers consist of the biggest names in the insurance industry:


How much would you pay to bring your business to the next level with help from these experts?

Given the time and effort that the 18 speakers have forked out, and the amount of value that you get in return, if it helps to elevate your practice to the next level, this could be priceless to you!

After receiving so much positive feedback for this virtual summit, we want you to benefit from it, too!

Now you can download and learn at your own pace from these experts at.........

Only US$239


“Is that the price for 1 day? 2 days? 1 speaker?”

No, it’s US$239 for ALL 3 DAYS, and for ALL 18 speakers!

This is your chance to watch the replay, hear from the 18 speakers, take notes and watch it at your own pace.


Get your access to download the 3 days virtual summit video here


This is your chance to:

•             Switch your mindset from being lost to having clarity

•             Pivot your marketing from old-school to savvy

•             Tap into the wisdom of the 18 speakers that have a total combined of more than 100 years of experience

•             Win in the new normal


What did attendees say about this summit?

“Great Conference. Speakers sharing are awesome and also Benjamin's power energy.”

“Insurance Inspired Summit has allowed me to learn and have a sense of how I can improve myself to work towards my goals and achieve them."

“Fantastic speakers!!! Good mix of practitioners and subject matter experts. Super relevant topics and most of all feel charged up, motivated and inspired to be more present digitally!!! Thank you AAN for organising this wonderful event!”

“Superb, awesome, an event that is full of essence. So much input and beneficial info for my success journey to grow further in my career path. An eye-opener to the many new information that I have gained from the event.”

“There are so many learning points and wisdom from the speakers. Being virtual, you can also see that more content has been prepared and it was very helpful in our leaning. I would have paid to attend this.”


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Get your access to download the 3 days virtual summit video here.


Check out the summary of each day here:

#InsuranceInspired Day 1 - Agility, adaptability and credibility to win in the new normal

#InsuranceInspired Day 2 - Time to create your innovation inflection point

#InsuranceInspired Day 3 - Renew Mindset. Rebound. Recharge.


“Insurance Inspired: Winning in the New Normal” was organised by Asia Advises Network, with Co-Organiser Jensen Siaw International and Sponsor GoalsMapper.