Manulife Malaysia launches Manulife Global Equity Fund

| 01 Jun 2021

Manulife Malaysia has launched a new investment-linked fund, Manulife Global Equity Fund (the fund), which will widen its range of investment-linked funds available to customers in Malaysia looking for high-quality overseas stocks and a long-term investment horizon.

The fund invests in the AllianceBernstein (AB) SICAV I – Low Volatility Equity Portfolio (the target fund), which seeks to provide capital appreciation by achieving quality and stability through diversification with global equities.

The target fund’s portfolio is positioned so that it is prepared for a downturn and poised for recovery. It seeks to capture 90% of the market’s gains in rising markets, while capturing only 70% of the declines in falling markets.

The target fund manager’s global research platform aims to source high quality and stable companies at the right price. This may potentially beat the market and protect capital against downside risk.

The fund is suitable for customers who seek capital appreciation, are looking for investment exposure in diversified global market, are willing to accept higher level of risk with low-income requirement and have a long-term investment horizon.

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