MDRT Virtual Event Day 1: Into the future, to the next level

| 08 Jun 2021

Video edited by Azri Bahari

Yesterday marked the start of the virtual MDRT Annual Meeting 2021 where thousands of MDRT members come to gather online to learn, share and celebrate each other. The main platform featured a line-up of speakers that includes Blake Morgan, Sterling Hawkins, Simon Sinek and an opening and closing speech by MDRT President, Ian Green.

In the world we live in now where COVID-19 has broken and disrupted many lives, it is timely that the topics touched were on kindness, surviving and achieving the impossible.

MDRT President Ian Green said, “This year's MDRT annual meeting is designed to take you and your business to the next level, all the while connecting you to our association's global community.”

“Over the next two and a half days, you'll be inspired, get connected and experience an immersion into MDRT. And despite our physical separation, we're excited to deliver opportunities for you to engage with fellow members and experience the top tier education you've come to expect from MDRT.”

How to win customers of the future?

In today's competitive marketplace customer experience is everything today and improving your client experience is one of the ways to stand out and differentiate yourself to clients and prospects. On the main platform, customer service expert Blake Morgan shared how big brands like Amazon, Spotify, Sephora are personalising their product for today’s consumers.  

Today's modern client wants to be treated like an individual. So, big corporation like Spotify personalising time capsule playlists according to your likes and songs from the era when you were growing up is proof that big brands understand what consumers want.

By using technology, data and analytics, big brands are creating human experiences that are relevant and marketed to their customers. “They understand the power of knowing the client and where they are at.” And because these brands understand the power of a relationship, client acquisition and retention numbers go way up because today's consumer expects better and expects more.


I will ____ #NoMatterWhat

Thought leader and keynote speaker on the #NoMatterWhat approach, Sterling Hawkins said “The people that make a difference, though, they live in another world. A world that everybody knows, but only one percent of people step into. Those that make a difference are brave. Brave enough to gaze into the unknown of tomorrow.”

“The difference makers, they live in a world of no matter what. They take the chaos of potential, the unknown, and they will into breakthrough results, they commit not to circumstances, but to the creativity, the ingenuity, the determination within themselves to do it. They cultivate a belief and no matter what happens, they'll figure it out.”

Using a five-step system that Hawkins researched extensively, anyone will be able to unlock the potential hiding inside anyone.

Hunt discomfort: Seek out and do the things that are uncomfortable, the anxiety of a cold call, potential embarrassment of asking for a referral. By hunting discomfort, you can shift any unworkable beliefs into breakthrough results.

Get a (metaphorical) tattoo: “Commit so deeply that there's no going back. Just like a real tattoo, you do it in a way that's permanent.”

A metaphorical tattoo could be making an announcement or telling it to friends and family. Once you tell someone you are going to commit to something, it is harder to back out. This makes you commit doubly hard and working even harder to meet your goal.

Build a street gang: Like an inner group of confidants, “You need people on your side to help. It's all about people having your back. They're going to be brutally honest, direct, tell you things that maybe you don't want to hear, but when you surround yourself like that, you can realise potential that maybe you didn't even see in yourself.”

Flip it: Find strength in your problems or weaknesses. Instead of hiding from embarrassment or covering up your weakness, you will come to realise the strength within it. 

Conviction to move ahead: “Swap that struggle for the conviction to move forward. Instead of wishing for more resources, more time, more money, instead of dwelling on the things that you already know, bring back why you're doing it to begin with. Bring back that conviction to move ahead no matter what.”

The power of focus

During his 2021 Presidential Address, Mr Green took the time to highlight the power of remaining focused in a world where distractions abound.

“I’ve learned, to do something really well, I should focus on and do only one thing at a time,” he said. “Of course, this is easier said than done given our multi-faceted lives and responsibilities. Nevertheless, it is vitally important, and not only to boost our productivity.  

“Because through focused listening, comes learning. And through considered concentration comes wisdom. And when we give people our undivided attention, it engenders reciprocal attention and earns respect.”

With the abundance of mobile devices available today, he reminded that it is crucial not to let those devices control us, and for us not to be distracted by notifications from rolling newsfeeds or social media during human interactions, whether face-to-face, or remote.


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