Accelerating in the new normal - Delia Wong, country chair of MDRT MCC Singapore

| 30 Jul 2021

Image by MDRT MCC Singapore

With Singapore climbing up the charts of MDRT's top 10 member country to position six, we checked in with Delia Wong, country chair of MDRT Membership Communications Committee (MCC) 2019-2021 to gather her insights on what spurred the climb in the local MDRT market. At the same time, we got her thoughts on the 4th MDRT Day Singapore that is happening soon.

From invisible to #6 on MDRT charts

Ms Wong said there were three factors that contributed to this climb. The first was that the insurance companies in Singapore have been extremely supportive toward MDRT initiatives and very responsive toward updates from MDRT.

The second was that the volunteers in MDRT MCC played a crucial bridge between MDRT HQ and the companies they represented. This ensured regular touch points with the local insurers to see how they can better support and build the MDRT culture within their companies.

Lastly, the advisers in Singapore are seeing the value of MDRT. As members, they get access to so many resources on the MDRT platform that help sharpen their competence as an adviser. On top of that, they get to attend several events that the MDRT MCC Singapore team organises annually, with MDRT Day Singapore (MDRT Day SG) being the major highlight.

Insights from MDRT president:

 Supporting the career trajectory of agents - MDRT president Ian Green

Attend MDRT Day SG or lose out

In the spirit of uplifting and improving the overall standards of the life insurance industry, the MDRT Day SG is open to all MDRT members and non-members, regardless of whether one might be local or non-local.

The event is carefully curated to meet the current trend of challenges that advisers are facing. “The speakers are highly experienced and dynamic, and there is a good balance between motivation and technical skill set that they could almost apply immediately after the event,” she said.

“The last three years of MDRT Day SG had been highly successful and we received tremendous feedback from the ground. We believe this event will inspire the attendees to accelerate toward the new normal.” 

Onward and beyond

The landscape of life insurance is evergreen. Across the world, people are recognising the need to be well protected in their financial portfolios. “Vaccines save our lives physically. But life insurance saves our lives financially. In turn, this financial alleviation will save our emotional and mental wellbeing,” she said.

Looking ahead, Ms Wong said she will still be involved in raising awareness of MDRT among industry peers and urged all advisers to persevere and continue to touch and protect as many lives as they can.

“I have experienced the essence of MDRT and understood the whole person concept. I hope to pass on these values and concept of MDRT to as many people as I could. The work we do is noble and impact many families and communities,” she said.

“Don’t give up, keep doing what you need to do and reach out to as many people. Make full use of technology and digitalisation. Stay open to new ways of doing things.”

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