New Zealand: AIA launches new brand campaign

| 06 Mar 2023

AIA NZ has launched a new brand campaign called "Start Thriving", which reframes its life and health insurance products from protection to action. The campaign launched with new advertisements for AIA Vitality that encouraged customers to make small changes to live life better.

The rethinking of its insurance offerings tilts the perceptions into one of action rather than protection, with AIA asking customers to look at health and life insurance as centred on good health and living life in a way that makes the most of each day rather than as a buffer for when things go wrong.

According to a report, the campaign platform started on Sunday and featured short-form AV content across multiple TV, digital, and social channels. It also noted that the campaign was complemented by interactive and high-impact digital placements. For this rethinking, AIA NZ collaborated with Bastion Shine, a generation consultancy, and it was approached across strategy and planning, creative, design, and studio in conjunction with AIA’s media partner Together.

“Since AIA NZ launched AIA Vitality, our science-backed health and wellbeing programme, [in] mid-2019, we have been steadily building momentum and brand awareness in New Zealand. We are really pleased with the work that the Bastion Shine team has done to help invigorate our brand promise of helping New Zealanders live healthier, longer, better lives, and to support our aspiration to be a market leading brand that matches our industry position as New Zealand’s leading life insurer,” said AIA NZ chief customer officer Angela Busby. 

Bastion Shine chief strategy officer Andy McLeish said that the agency loved the disruptive approach to life and health insurance embodied by AIA Vitality, noting that this new reframing helps people stay healthy through health insurance, and live better through life insurance. 

“This new creative platform is based around the idea of ‘start thriving’ and highlights how many of us are perhaps not making the most of every day. But with some small changes we can all start thriving and get more out of life,” he said. 

AIA NZ has recently appointed a new coach for AIA Vitality, with Katie Hunter joining the insurer’s primary health programme, reported Insurance Business.