Indonesia: Sun Life launches entrepreneurship programme for women

| 25 Mar 2024

In celebration of World Women's Day which is celebrated every March, Sun Life Indonesia has launched an inspirational session of Sun Entrepreneur with hundreds of women to discuss entrepreneurial-based empowerment in the insurance agency distribution industry.

Through this session, Sun Life Indonesia offers a way for women to achieve financial independence and support their families through entrepreneurship. This provides a platform to show their talents, pursue their passion, and fulfil their aspirations.

Mr Kai Simanungkalit as VP Branding, Communications & Client Experience Sun Life Indonesia, revealed that entrepreneurship offers flexibility and autonomy, allowing women to balance their professional ambitions with family responsibilities.

"This flexibility is very attractive for mothers, who want to be actively involved in their children's education and their entrepreneurship business," he said in a written statement. 

Despite the increasing momentum, female entrepreneurs in Indonesia face a number of challenges that hinder their progress and success. These challenges include gender stereotypes and social norms, access to capital and resources, balancing family responsibilities, and limited access to networks and mentors. 

"Support from organisations and business communities can play an important role in providing mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to the market for female entrepreneurs. This fact encourages us as a life insurance company to invite Indonesian women to start their business with Sun Life Indonesia through the Sun Entrepreneur programme. By overcoming challenges and creating an environment that supports entrepreneurship for women, I believe Indonesian women can challenge stereotypes and make meaningful contributions to the economy and society," he added. 

Sun Entrepreneur is designed to enable entrepreneurs in the field of independent agency distribution through intensive training programmes with professionals in the insurance industry regarding entrepreneurship, creativity, and self-development for six months. Furthermore, they can run their systems and within 2.5-3 years they can have their own agency distribution business, reported Voi.