Singapore: GROW with Singlife teams up with Allianz Global Investors

| 26 Mar 2024

GROW with Singlife, an integrated investment platform operated by the Singapore-based life insurer Singlife, has teamed up with Allianz Global Investors Singapore Limited (AllianzGI), a key player in the field of active asset management. This collaboration is set to provide advisers and investors with access to a wide range of wealth and investment solutions.

To commemorate this new partnership, GROW and AllianzGI are rolling out the Allianz Global Income fund, exclusively available through GROW's adviser network and their clientele. This fund, issued in Singapore dollars (SGD), is structured to distribute monthly dividends to its investors. 

This move is indicative of GROW's ongoing efforts to innovate and diversify its offerings, catering to the shifting demands of the investment community and enabling advisers to offer a broad spectrum of wealth management services.

Mr Akhil Doegar, Chief Executive Officer of GROW, highlighted the necessity for investors to diversify their portfolios beyond local markets to navigate the complexities of the global economic landscape effectively. 

“In today's dynamic global market, local investments are insufficient to achieve diversification. The Allianz Global Income fund, with its rigorous investment process and proven track record, aligns perfectly with our vision. The portfolio is well-diversified across four main asset classes – global equities, global convertible securities, global investment-grade corporate bonds, and global high-yield bonds – which aims to provide investors with stable income and capital appreciation,” he said. 

As of the end of December, the Allianz Global Income fund manages a total of US$161.7 million in assets. Its investment strategy spans multiple asset classes globally, aiming for consistent income and capital appreciation with minimised risk and volatility.

Mr Kelvin Lam, head of retail distribution for Southeast Asia at AllianzGI, pointed out the platform's long-standing reputation for excellence in servicing Singapore's financial advisers.

“We are thrilled to partner with GROW, a well-established platform with over two decades of experience serving advisers in Singapore. Through this collaboration, we are pleased to provide retail investors access to our fund that invests across a global landscape of best-in-class companies in global equities and bond markets,” he said, reported Insurance Business.