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  • AIA Bhd. appoints new Chief Executive Officer

    AIA Bhd. has appointed Ben Ng as their new CEO with effect 15 August. He reports directly to Tan Hak Leh, Regional Chief Executive of AIA Group.

    Date : 20 Aug 2019
  • Young Executive of the Year 2019 - Sabrina Ong

    Ms Sabrina Ong, AIA Financial Indonesia, was named the inaugural winner of Young Executive of the Year at the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards 2019.

    Date : 20 Aug 2019
  • AXA Asian Markets names Head of Distribution Excellence

    Bharat Kannan has been appointed Head of Distribution Excellence, AXA Asian Markets.

    Date : 20 Aug 2019
  • What's new in the market - 16 Aug 2019

    Welcome to what's new this week. Bringing you insights and updates from within the insurance industry. Whether it's a new product launch, talent movements, new initiatives or collaborations with the most likely/unlikely partnerships - this is where you stay updated and relevant.

    Date : 16 Aug 2019
  • Insurance Agency Leader Of The Year 2019 - Wave Chow

    After graduating from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1997 with a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering, he joined AIA and embarked on his life's journey as an Insurance Agent.

    Date : 16 Aug 2019
  • This insurance giant is set to split by this year

    This insurance giant delivered Asia-led growth in the first half of 2019. It is also set to complete its demerger in the fourth quarter of 2019 and preparations are complete for its move to Group-wide supervision by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority.

    Date : 15 Aug 2019
  • Executive Champion of the Year 2019: Mr Sara Lamsam

    Mr Sara Lamsam, President and CEO, Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL, Thailand, was named Executive Champion of the Year at the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards.

    Date : 14 Aug 2019
  • What to do if a prospect has negative perceptions of your company or products and services?

    Neuro-Persuasion Expert Tylus Lim from Jensen Siaw International shares how to reframe a prospect's mind to focus on the positives and the strengths of your products and services in this Jensen Siaw International X Asia Advisers Network collaboration.

    Date : 12 Aug 2019
  • What's new in the market - 9 Aug 2019

    Welcome to what's new this week, where we cover the low down on key developments in the insurance industry... But first of all, to everyone who calls Singapore home, Happy National Day! And to our Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Haji in advance.

    Date : 09 Aug 2019
  • How can a financial practitioner exercise fiduciary duty?

    Samuel Low Sin Piew, an active member of the Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore (IFPAS) shares his thoughts on why it is important for financial practitioners to act in the best interest of their customers and the consequences when fiduciary duty isn't exercised. We take a closer look in this excerpt of his article.

    Date : 08 Aug 2019
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