January's top 5 stories

| 30 Jan 2018

The top five trending Asia Advisers Network stories in January - insights from senior insurance industry executives and leaders.

Embrace change with a core compass - AIA Regional Chief Executive

From starting his career as an insurance agent to being named regional chief executive of the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group, Mr John Cai, Regional Chief Executive, AIA, has built his career on embracing change.


Singapore: Rising healthcare costs are indicative of a much bigger problem - Medix Group CEO

A report released by the Health Insurance Task Force highlighted the sharp rise in claims as a major driver of healthcare costs. But is this the real reason for the inflation in healthcare costs? Medix Group CEO Sigal Atzmon shares her insight.


Future of distribution - Aviva Digital Global Chairman

The way to customer-centric distribution which caters to consumers' needs and demands is to embrace an open approach to how distribution evolves, according to Mr Chris Wei, Global Chairman, Aviva Digital and Executive Chairman, Aviva Asia.

Traditional distribution – certainly agency and bancassurance – has been very prevalent in Asia. “These are important channels, and they play an important role in terms of introducing insurance to customers. That will always have a place and a role in our industry,” said Chris, who was recognised as Personality of the Year at the 21st Asia Insurance Industry Awards.


Lose the battle, win the war - MD of SecureNow shares his experience

Jumping into a career such as insurance advisory can be a scary thought for someone with no sales experience. Likewise in a startup where founders serve as the primary face of the sales team. Abhishek Bondia, Managing Director of SecureNow Insurance Broker, shares his journey in the early days of SecureNow with no "real sales" experience and how even if you lose a battle, perseverance can help you to win the war.


What has changed, what hasn't, and why the Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards is important - FSMA Singapore President

Asia Advisers Network sat down with Bernard Lim, President of Financial Services Managers' Association, Singapore, to tap over 25 years of insurance industry experience. Bernard is a judge and FSMA is a supporting organisation of the 3rd Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards.

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