Top 5 articles in July

| 31 Jul 2018

What were the articles that created the most buzz in July? In case you missed it, below is the list of some of the most-read articles this month.


What to do on days when you feel like quitting

Having trouble getting out of bed? Feel like quitting? If this is how you are feeling right now, this sharing by Nastia Liukin, a five-time Olympic medallist and former artistic gymnast, is a must-watch. It could just save your career.



Are consumers financially literate enough to navigate online information?

The internet has become a major source of information. But when it comes to financial planning and insurance advice, are consumers financially literate enough to successfully navigate through the vast amounts of information available online and recognise the difference between reliable and unreliable sources? According to this study which tested actual knowledge of the topics, rather than self-reported knowledge, financial literacy around the world is low. And that’s even in developed markets.



Career and family. What's your choice?

Career or family often feels like a choice forced upon us. This is especially true for females, and even more so mothers. Agnes Ng, Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year 2018, shared her thoughts on the seemingly dichotomous choice between having a career and being a wonderful wife, mum or daughter.



The art of time management

How does Joshua Luke, an award-winning entrepreneur and a trainer from Jensen Siaw International, with multiple projects and assignments on his plate manage his time? He shares his time management tip to improve your personal effective skills for productivity enhancement in this 2-minute video.



Don't just qualify, "Be MDRT" - James D Pittman, President of MDRT

To gain the most out of MDRT membership, it should not be viewed as just an achievement of a production requirement. Rather, members must embody the essence of MDRT and embrace its mission and core principles. New members that understand how to "Be MDRT" are at the start of a successful future, said James D Pittman, CLU, CFP, President of MDRT, in an interview with Asia Advisers Network.

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