Top 5 articles in March

| 02 Apr 2019

Here's what created the most buzz in the industry which got fans of Asia Advisers Network's attention in the month of March. In case you missed it, we get you up to speed below.

1. Proven LinkedIn recruitment blueprint - Calvin Lee, AXA

LinkedIn is a treasure trove when it comes to recruitment - or so you've heard. You do not know how to get started. Or if you did, you have not tasted any success. Well, you're in luck. Calvin Lee, Financial Services Director, AXA, shared generously and in great detail, his LinkedIn recruitment blueprint.

Read it here. 


2. Three Common Retirement Myths Busted

When it comes to retirement, there is often a lot of uncertainty and myths around the topic. "I'll die before I am 90", "I'll keep working and never retire", or "Annuities are bad investments" are just some of the often-repeated myths and objections.

What are some ways that you can dispel some of these myths about retirement and better prepare your clients for their silver years? LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute shares insights from the fourth edition of its Retirement Income Reference Book.


3. Talent: From recruitment to attraction - Here's how

In today's era when lots of candidates' profiles are easily accessible through platforms such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor, we can get connected to a ton of potential candidates. The key to success is how to attract them.

Everal Peh, an HR practitioner in the insurance industry, shares her insights with Asia Advisers Network.


4. How to Boost Your Business with Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is one of those pivotal, game-changing facets of marketing that nearly every salesperson and business need to not only adopt - but implement successfully. As most business grows, the number of customers they need to manage, keep track of and follow up with increases.

The ability to manage thousands of customers in the database and connect with them in a timely fashion with relevant content will be paramount to the success of any business. After all, it is the customer that decides if he should continue the relationship with the business or bring it somewhere else.

But what does it all mean, and how does it all come together to deliver the kind of results that matter to your bottom line? What are the benefits you can garner from email marketing automation?


5. Australia: Study finds many families unprepared for loss of secondary income

Many Australian couples and families could face financial hardship if the secondary income earner was unable to work, according to MetLife Australia research into life insurance.

The MetLife Adviser-Client Relationship Report 2018 found that of consumers with life insurance who are married or in a de facto relationship, 73% have more than one income earner in the household. Of this group, around 6 in 10 state that they wouldn’t be able to maintain their existing lifestyle for any longer than two years should the secondary income earner be unable to work.



To attract financial advisors, don't sell the career

Attracting talent to the insurance industry is a perennial challenge. More so a financial advisory career. So how does Advisors Alliance Group, an authorised representative of AIA Financial Advisers in Singapore, run varsity internship programmes that are so successful that it has had to turn away interested undergraduates?

Read the details here.

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