#MDRTGC2019: Be the best version of yourself

| 05 Sep 2019

2019 MDRT Global Conference - Part 3 highlights (Edited by Sharon Zhong)

Yesterday marked the closure of MDRT Global Conference 2019 in Sydney. At the main platform was a strong line up of speakers: Chris Riddell, Nataly Kogan, Tim Urban, Peggy Tsai, Jim Kwik, Ty Bennet, and a closing speech by MDRT President, Regina Bedoya.

Practice Gratitude

Nataly Kogan

Nataly Kogan said the answer is gratitude. “When you intentionally pause and ask your brain to appreciate something in your life as it is - the feeling of sunshine on your face, a meal with a friend, a text from a colleague, a hug from your child.”

These might seem like little gestures that don’t much, but “when you treat those moments as important, when you pause to feel your appreciation for them, well, they turn from ordinary moments to extraordinary. And it helps reverse your brain’s negativity bias.”

Practicing gratitude for just a few weeks programmes your brain to look for positivity on its own. The brain creates new neuron connections so that you can feel a sense of happiness and contentment in life.  


Use it or lose it

Jim Kwik

On the same brainy note, Jim Kwik shared that Digital Dementia is a new term in healthcare. Coined only because we are so dependent on our smartphones to keep track of our schedules and all sorts of data and information that we would normally process with our brains. In fact, many of us would be guilty of using a calculator to do simple mathematics.

Jim said our brains are like flabby mental muscles.  “Use it or lose it,” he said. Unlike some professions where physical muscles are required, in the finance and insurance sector, practitioners are paid for their brain work. Which drives down the point why the brain is the ultimate wealth-building device for anyone.

In his address, Jim shared his top 10 brain foods that would help you maintain, condition and keep your brain in good shape.

10 foods for an amazing brain are:

Avocado, Blueberries, Broccoli, Eggs, Olive Oil, Green leafy vegetables, Salmon, Turmeric, Walnuts, and Dark chocolate.


People business

Ty Bennet

Even with a happy and sharpened brain, if one does not learn how to wield influence in the right way, it’ll all be for naught.

Ty Bennet came in blunt and shot MDRT members a question “Why in the world would anyone choose to do business with you?” Shaking the crowd, he quickly but smoothly built his point that “everyone is an influencer. We all have influence.”  

“And as we learn how to connect with people better and communicate more effectively, our influence and our impact will grow. In turn, so will our business grow. If we’re going to understand influence, we need to understand what business you’re actually in. Business doesn’t just mean life insurance nor financial services, because the business that you’re actually in, is the people business.


Be the best version of yourself 

Regina Bedoya

Regina Bedoya, President of MDRT ended the MDRT Global Conference 2019 in Sydney on an inspiring note, “I hope the messages you’ve heard will enrich your professional lives. I hope the friends you made will enrich your future MDRT experiences. And I hope you leave inspired to become the best version of yourself.”

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