Singapore: Great Eastern partners digital health provider to enhance health and wellness offerings

| 05 Dec 2019

NOVI Health (NOVI), a Singapore-based medical and digital health provider, with a focus on preventing and reversing chronic lifestyle-related diseases, has collaborated with Great Eastern. The collaboration brings its holistic services to enhance the insurer's existing portfolio of health solutions.

GREAT SupremeHealth customers will be able to access NOVI’s full suite of health and wellness solutions at preferential rates.

These solutions are tailored to every individual’s unique needs, whether they are healthy, at-risk or have a chronic disease.

Examples of such solutions include:

NOVI Assessment – This program comprises a comprehensive health screening and in-depth lifestyle evaluation followed by a personalised assessment and action plan, and is targeted at anyone interested to understand their health better. The program also includes lifestyle-related digital health coaching post-screening.

NOVI Healthy Habits – This is a digital health coaching program provided by a personalised care team of doctors and health coaches (dietitians, nutritionists and fitness coaches). The program commences with the care team first meeting the client, either in person or over a video call, which strengthens the connection between the coach and the client. The program includes the use of NOVI’s proprietary mobile application for the client to track real-time health data and progress, as well as communicate with their care team.

This program will benefit individuals who are interested to lose weight, have specific health goals, or are aiming to make lifestyle changes to become healthier, and can be purchased as a standalone service, or as an extension to NOVI Assessment.

NOVI Complete Care – This comprehensive program, intended for individuals with chronic conditions, combines NOVI Healthy Habits with medical therapy where needed.

For those with pre-diabetes or diabetes, the use of wearable glucose sensors can also be incorporated as part of digital health coaching, to help individuals better understand their body’s real-time response to diet and physical activity and facilitate more targeted recommendations to better control sugar levels. If a customer has an existing doctor, the NOVI team is also able to work closely with their existing care provider(s) to holistically support their needs.

Positive health outcomes

NOVI’s solutions have helped clients to achieve positive health outcomes. Over 70% of clients have lost weight, and over 60% of clients with diabetes have achieved better sugar control within 6 months, with an average reduction of 0.8% in HbA1c1. They have also been able to achieve healthier lifestyle habits and are more empowered to sustain these habits.

Dr Sue-Anne Toh, CEO and Co-founder of NOVI, said: “Diseases today are largely chronic and lifestyle driven. At the same time, people expect more from their health providers – they value personalisation, convenience and greater attention to wellness. It is not adequate anymore to simply treat symptoms; there needs to be a greater focus on prevention and health that is “well” care, instead of “ill” care.”

Patrick Kok, Managing Director, Group Operations, Great Eastern said: “As the Life Company, Great Eastern hopes to support our customers on their wellness journey to help them live longer and better. The strategic collaboration with NOVI provides our customers with access and preferential rates to NOVI’s health management programmes, demonstrating our commitment to playing an integral part in empowering our customers to improve their quality of life.”

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