Industry likely to keep using remote offices

| 13 May 2020

Consultants say that the insurance industry could keep continue operating a remote and flexible workforce - both as a short-term solution to social-distancing requirements and as long-term transformation.

As COVID-19 lockdown measures are lifted, industry insiders have expressed concerns about inadequate office space, public transport restrictions and access to elevators.

Possible solutions include a continuation of working from home processes, or split workforces and staggered starts. Deloitte partner Michael Williams told that industry players with a two-track approach will secure a crucial competitive advantage.

The insurance industry should be “very cautious” when assessing the risks of a return to the office, he said.

But COVID-19 has also brought an opportunity for organisations to ‘rethink the future of work’ to secure cost savings, accelerate transformation, and access greater diversity of talent.

A KMPG report published last week also predicted that the ‘rapid and large-scale shift’ to remote working could be permanent.

“Working remotely during the coronavirus crisis has quickly become the new norm, and one that won’t dissipate quickly – rather, remote working (both part-time and full-time) will rise across all industries,” it said.


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