MDRT Virtual Event Day 2: The Best Ideas from Top Advisers

| 05 Aug 2020

Video produced by Azri Bahari

MDRT Virtual Event Day two was filled with some of the best sales, presentation and management ideas from top advisers from all over the world. Check these out.

Learn to Love Objections

Anthony Longley

Anthony Longley, a 30-year MDRT member from the Bahamas, said objections fall into five categories:

  • No need (for products or services offered)
  • No money
  • No hurry
  • No confidence (in product, company or adviser)
  • No love (for self or family)

When faced with objections, one should understand the reasons for objections.

Why do prospects or clients resist?  He said that an objection could be a request for more information, an indication that something was misunderstood or the adviser has missed a step in the sales cycle.

“Prepare for objections in advance” and “Learn to love objections!” he said.


Start with a Presentation Framework

Vincent Gan

Vincent Gan, an 11-year MDRT member from Singapore, focuses his practice on comprehensive financial planning for his clients, the majority of whom are professionals, managers, executives and business owners.

He shared the A, B, C, D of the personal financial plan framework that he uses with his clients.

A: Assure income – which includes life insurance and health insurance  

B: Build wealth – which includes asset accumulation and retirement planning

C: Control expenses – which includes tax planning, and debt and mortgage planning

D:  Distribute wealth – which includes children’s protection and education, and estate planning


Rewards of Risk Management

Arlyn Tiong Tan

Arlyn Tiong Tan is a 14-year MDRT member with six Court of the Table qualifications and one Top of the Table honour.

With her background in health and entrepreneurship, and providing advice to organisations and family-run businesses by integrating succession planning in their financial plans, she spoke about the rewards of risk management.

In a VUCA world – a world that’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous – advisers play a crucial role to help business owners manage risks.

She said: “In the COVID era, financial advisors carve their names as frontliners of economic development by enabling entrepreneurs to focus on rebuilding sustainable businesses with confidence, agility and peace of mind.”

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The Clock Presentation

Timothy Clairmont

Timothy Clairmont, a 10-year MDRT member with one Court of the Table and nine Top of the Table honours, shared his “clock presentation”.

A simple presentation that can help match clients' goals with their income and their assets in a single image, it helps advisers to build trust and understanding to move clients forward in the planning process.

The idea takes a client around four quadrants of when they should touch their money, educating them about which assets are best for which purposes and where the risks are that might need protecting.

The four quadrants are:

  • Income sources
  • Income assets
  • Liquid assets
  • Backup / Legacy

“By using the clock presentation, you can help clients understand the psychological difference between "emergency money" and "fun money" and ultimately move forward with whatever next steps you recommend,” he said.


Dignity Planning

Shane E. Westhoelter

Shane E. Westhoelter, a nine-year MDRT member with three Court of the Table and five Top of the Table qualifications, said: “Stop selling insurance and financial services.”

Instead, start providing dignity to clients and see your sales skyrocket.

“Our profession allows us to provide people with dignity in all aspects of what we do,” he said.

Help clients to plan for both the expected and unexpected.

  • What if they live?
  • What if they linger?
  • What if they leave?
  • What is their legacy?

Dignity simply means allowing us to keep our pride, keep our respect and feel good, he said.


How You Can Use Webinars and Virtual Reality for Prospecting

Panagiotis Leledakis

Panagiotis Leledakis, a one-year MDRT member from Greece, shared how advisers can use webinars and virtual reality for prospecting and approaching millennials.

Utilising internet marketing strategies and new technologies in the insurance industry, and innovative insurance software by combining the science of risk management, artificial intelligence and extensive neuroscience research, he said: “We have to be where our customers are, we also have to be where our future customers will be.”

While the common saying is adapt or die, he said, “Adapt and fly!” Make the industry and profession cool.


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