InsurTech 360F makes financial advisory more intuitive and scalable

| 10 Aug 2021

InsurTech 360F has unveiled a new global release of its full modular product suite, including flagship solutioning optimiser 360-ProVestment. This latest release is designed to optimise advisor capabilities with scale economics, and lays a strong foundation for trust between the advisor and customer.

The suite includes the 360-HappiU module, which forecasts the customer’s financial future. It factors in the individual values, beliefs and lifestyles to establish the customer’s financial satisfaction criteria, against which the module simulates to yield the HappiU score.

“Motivated to improve their HappiU score, customers become more willing than ever to seek suggestions. We have been keeping up their momentum by showing them their multi-needs solutioning options, all customised in real-time. We now boost engagement even more with insights-generation capability so that customers get self-explanatory pointers that they can apply immediately to improve their score,” said 360F CEO Michael Gerber. “Enabling customers to take an educated role in their financial well-being unlocks the full potential of advisors.”

The new release also enables financial institutions to enjoy accelerated time-to-market and simultaneously, higher quality of the business portfolio with:

  • High configurability, making it easy and fast for product carriers to onboard new products and reflect regulatory changes for automated recommendation
  • Pricing sheets transformation enabling product carriers to break free from legacy architectures and give their captive and third-party digital distributors the ability to automate real-time solutioning bundles, which can include even the most complex products
  • Built-in investment portfolio generator allowing unit-linked policies to be configured holistically with other financial products and scored as part of the customer’s HappiU

The 360F product suite is currently being used by life insurers and brokers in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Singapore and Malaysia.