Thailand: Life insurer enhances call centre capability with artificial intelligence solution

| 05 Oct 2021

Tokio Marine Life Insurance (Thailand) will collaborate with AmiVoice Thai to launch Virtual Agent solution by AmiVoice. This is in addition to TMLTH's launch of the digital solution "Self Fact-Find Tool" in June 2021.

AmiVoice is a subsidiary of Advanced Media in Japan with extensive experience in speech recognition and AI technology.

TMLTH will be the first life insurance company in Thailand to make use of this technology as they continue to ramp up digitalisation of their business processes to provide better and more efficient services to their policyholders in Thailand.

A press release by Tokio Marine said, “With the ever-growing presence of artificial intelligence ("AI") in various businesses and industries, it has been TMLTH's top priority to implement AI technology to improve customer experience. The Virtual Agent solution will enhance the existing call volume handling capability for its group insurance business and individual life customers in the future.”

TMLTH CEO Toyotake Kuwata said, "With the implementation of Virtual Agent we will be able to service more customers each day while maintaining our current operations size. The intuitive and advanced solution would also improve our quality of services to our customers and I am very much looking forward to what this collaboration will bring to our company and especially to our customers."

The AmiVoice's Virtual Agent, utilizing AI technology which has been developed exclusively for call centres, enables the insurer to provide quality services to many customers simultaneously, whilst improving customer experience. A customer does not have to remember the call menu options nor press a number to proceed, but simply provide their request via voice command to be routed accordingly.

AmiVoice Thailand MD Yasumasa Suzuki said, "We are delighted to see our solution become a key part of Tokio Marine's life operations in Thailand. Providing quality services to multiple customers at the same time will drastically improve customer experience and we expect that it would be well received by their Thai customers."

Tokio Marine Asia CEO Noboru Yamagata said, “Our collaboration with AmiVoice is the latest example of how we are constantly working with like-minded technology partners to create better products and services for our consumers. This also aligns with our group's vision of doing good and delivering on our commitments to our customers.”