Sun Life launches MRA 2.0 programme to empower its advisers

| 21 Oct 2021

The role of insurance advisers is changing in the digital age as clients increasingly seek answers online and expect advisors to meet them in that moment.

To equip advisers to succeed in this new environment, Sun Life has reshaped its Most Respected Advisor programme by announcing a partnership with the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Academy, enhancing its Brighter Academy recruitment and development programme, and launching a suite of new digital tools to support advisers in client engagement.

With its flagship MRA 2.0 programme, Sun Life aims to create the most respected advisers in the industry by supporting their learning and development throughout their careers and providing them with the best technology, tools and insights to run their business and connect with clients. 

“Financial security and health have become critical concerns for people of all ages in the pandemic.  On top of this we have a significant protection gap in the region, there is an opportunity for financial advisers to not only build their careers in the insurance industry, but also help others and contribute to society,” said Sun Life Asia chief distribution officer Carene Chia.

“To achieve this goal, advisers need to equip themselves with knowledge and skills and embrace a journey of continuous learning as our clients’ needs are constantly changing.”

Sun life’s Brighter Academy aims to support the development of advisers throughout their careers, from rookie through to leading agency managers. It comprises three parts: Brighter Gen, which focuses on the needs of new recruits; Brighter Pro, which supports professional advisers; and Brighter Leaders, which grows agency leaders and helps them build the MDRT culture in agency teams.

Sun Life differentiates the Brighter Academy from other insurance training programmes with its focus on the growth of agency leaders. The programme aims to develop leaders with good character and well-rounded capabilities so that they can effectively manage teams to deliver results and tackle future challenges. 

A partner of MDRT Academy

Through a new partnership, the MDRT Academy provides comprehensive training to Sun Life advisers to enhance their insurance and financial planning knowledge and improves sales and consultation skills so that they can build good sales and client service habits.

Embrace digitalisation to accelerate growth

Distribution excellence is a core growth strategy for Sun Life in Asia and the agency channel will continue to be its most important driver of growth.

“InsurTech and digital adoption are critical to enable advisers to adapt to the new digital environment and meet clients’ changing behaviour and expectations. For example, Sun Life provided an e-application tool SunSmart to advisers a few years ago. The tool greatly increases efficiency and client satisfaction,” the company said in a statement.

“Now, more than half of insurance policy applications are through e-submission. Sun Life’s own research has shown advisers who regularly use social media in their roles have managed better in the pandemic, so social media is now a core training component in the Brighter Academy programme.”