New Zealand: AIA launches interactive tool for advisers

| 13 Oct 2022

AIA NZ has launched the AIA Vitality Value Calculator, an interactive tool that can help advisers show their clients the benefits of the AIA Vitality programme.

AIA Vitality is the insurer’s health and wellness programme that incentivises customers to adopt healthier habits, such as exercising more and eating properly. 

According to AIA NZ, its Vitality Value Calculator will demonstrate how easy it is for members to earn AIA Vitality Points through day-to-day activities and presents a summary of the tangible value they can gain in the first year. 

“Whether an adviser is speaking to a client for the first time, or reviewing their needs at anniversary time, it’s always a good time to talk about health and wellbeing goals,” said Mr Len Elikhis, AIA NZ chief product and investments officer. “The AIA Vitality Value Calculator is a simple tool for advisers to use to encourage their clients to engage with AIA Vitality, and support and motivate them to live healthier, longer, better lives.” 

Advisers can use the calculator and show clients in less than 10 minutes the various benefits and rewards members can access, and how these can build over time as their engagement with AIA Vitality increases. 

“Advisers can show clients that just by completing a few more health checks, getting more sleep, or being more active they can move through each AIA Vitality status and earn even more rewards,” Mr Elikhis said.

Since the programme’s launch in 2019, AIA Vitality members have taken more than 23.7 billion steps – enough to run almost 500,000 marathons, AIA said. AIA Vitality members have performed more than 33,000 health checks from the programme, resulting in 19% of these members reducing their BMI, 50% improving their blood pressure, and 16% lowering their cholesterol levels. They’ve also completed more than 10,000 eye exams, 4,000 dental assessments, and 800 nutrition assessments. The programme members have also received millions of dollars in insurance premium discounts. 

“AIA’s dream is to champion New Zealand to be one of the healthiest and best protected nations in the world,” said Mr Elikhis. “With AIA Vitality, we’re delivering better outcomes by supporting Kiwis to take small steps to a healthier life.”