Malaysia: Allianz Life launches universal life plan

| 20 Oct 2022

Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Bhd has launched Allianz Legacy Plus, a limited-pay, universal life plan which covers policyholders up to the age of 88 years, which was crafted with the aim of securing our customer's legacy for their loved ones.

The company said should the policyholder pass on during the policy term, the money will be paid to the next of kin and this will serve as the legacy from the policyholder and should the policyholder survive up to age 88, he or she will receive the money which then can also be given to the loved ones as a gift. 

Thus, the policyholder will always be able to pass on their legacy to their loved ones, the company said in a statement recently. 

Chief executive officer Charles Ong said that with Allianz Legacy Plus, a customer‘s legacy will always be secured and unaffected by market volatility. 

“Post-Covid-19, we learnt that life is unpredictable and we should be prepared for any eventualities. We realised that customers want more certainty out of their policy while not wanting to commit to a long period in terms of premium payment, as anything can happen at any time. 

“As such, we introduced Allianz Legacy Plus which has a short premium commitment period, allowing our customers to lock in their legacy without long-term payments. In addition, there is a guaranteed payout for the insured amount and the coverage continues regardless of market conditions,” Ong said, according to Bernama.