Australia: AIA teams up with AusCycling as health and wellbeing partner

| 25 Oct 2022

AIA Australia (AIA) has partnered with AusCycling, a national sporting organisation developing, facilitating, and growing all forms of cycling in Australia.

As part of the deal, AIA will become the organisation's official health insurance and health and wellbeing partner, giving AusCycling members access to the insurer's products and services, and helping them to benefit from following an active and healthy lifestyle. 

“The health and wellbeing of our members, staff, and the cycling community, in general, is important to us. We want to support our members in living long and healthy lives,” said Agostino Giramondo, executive general manager for commercial, clubs, and community at AusCycling. “We look forward to seeing this partnership go from strength to strength over the coming years as we know AIA shares the same desire; our values are aligned.”

The announcement is part of AIA's series of Shared Value partnerships to bring a positive impact to the company, its customers, and the broader community. Shared Value Insurance focuses on increased health awareness, prevention, and upstream approaches to physical, mental, environmental, and financial wellbeing. 

“At AIA Australia, we have a dream to champion Australia to be the healthiest and best-protected nation in the world. We recognise the importance of physical activity to reduce the severity and prevalence of non-communicable diseases and are excited by this new opportunity to inspire Australians to move well,” said AIA Australia CEO Damien Mu. 

“By partnering with AusCycling, we can empower people to get active and experience improved physical and mental wellbeing as a result. AusCycling members can also ensure that they have the insurance protection they need, so they can have peace of mind and focus on leading a healthier, longer, better life,” he said, according to Insurance Business Australia.