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Cambodia: Prudential launches phase II of "Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids"

| 22 Nov 2022

Prudence Foundation through Prudential Cambodia, in partnership with Child Right Foundation Organization and Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, launched its flagship programme, Cha-Ching Financial Literacy for Children Phase II, under the name "Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids".

The announcement confirms another three years of partnership to further improve the financial literacy for Cambodian children. The programme aims to equip children aged 7 to 12 with the knowledge, tools, and practice that they need to make financial decisions to reach their personal goals and dreams.

Cha-Ching phase II is the expansion from the success of phase I, which had been implemented from early 2019 to early 2022. In phase I, the project was implemented in Phnom Penh, Kandal and Kampong Cham, with 150 primary schools involved. The project benefited 39,889 (10,704 girls) students, 581 teachers, 150 school directors from 150 target schools, 289 parents, and 69 government staff. 

The project Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids Phase II will be built upon the result of 150 existing target schools and government (MoEYS) ownership from project phase I and expanded to new 150 target schools in provinces of Kampong Cham, Kampot, Kandal, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Besides the expansion, the main expected outcome from phase II is to have the Cha-Ching curriculum integrated officially into Cambodia’s national primary curriculum and nationwide implementation, reported Khmer Times. 

“On the behalf of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, I am so delighted by this launching event and, I would like to express huge support for the Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids Phase II programme. Indeed, I would like to encourage everyone here to work coherently toward the programme with responsibilities and professional consciousness through unity and understanding to create benefits for our children and our society as a whole,” said His Excellency Chan Sophea, Deputy General Secretary of the Committee for Youth Development and Primary Education Department Director of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport.

“Making health and financial security accessible to all Cambodians is an important agenda for our business. One of the ways to do so is to increase financial literacy among the younger generation. Our goal is to ensure that they have a good understanding of money management from a young age to help them make more informed financial choices later in life. I am very happy to see that this Cha-Ching curriculum has been very well received by the Cambodian children, and to see the program expand.” said Mr Freddie Wong, Chief Actuary and Finance, representative of Prudential Cambodia at the launching ceremony.

Mr Chen Tepsam Ol, Executive Director of Child Rights Foundation Organization said, “Financial education for children in Cambodia is very important to fill the gap of financial illiteracy and promote financial management in the future, especially for children in primary education aged 7 to 12. Our programme aim in this phase II is to promote financial education widely in Cambodia and sustainable use. I would like to give full thanks to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport for creating a good enabling environment for Cha-Ching implementation and expansion. And also, thanks to the Prudence Foundation for both financial and technical support for Cha-Ching implementation in Cambodia. On behalf of the Child Rights Foundation, I strongly commit to deliver the programme with positive results and positive change in financial literacy in Cambodia.”