Prudential Cambodia partners medical centre to enhance healthcare in kingdom

| 02 Feb 2023

Prudential Cambodia has announced a strategic partnership with Sing-Specialists Medical Centre (SSMC) to provide customers with a variety of value-added services and benefits.

Sing-Specialists Medical Centre is a comprehensive and holistic medical facility that brings Singapore’s healthcare standards to Cambodia. 

The centre offers a wide range of services, including medical consultations, teleconsultations, radiology diagnostics, cardio diagnostics, laboratory tests, health screenings, vaccinations, treatments, dialysis and medical supplies. 

Prudential Cambodia is committed to making healthcare affordable and accessible for Cambodians and, as part of this effort, the company has sponsored a series of health talks hosted by SSMC. 

These talks will be chaired by specialists from overseas and will cover common health issues faced by Cambodians. 

Additionally, the partnership allows Prudential Cambodia to provide complimentary flu vaccinations to PruMyHealth policyholders and employees at SSMC and their partner locations. 

PRUMyHealth is a personalised individual health solution designed to help customers settle their medical expenses for any treatment whether due to illness or accident starting from the first year, with cashless payments at partner hospitals domestically and within ASEAN. 

Mr Kemal Ashik, Chief of Customer and Strategic Partnership of Prudential Cambodia, said, “Our passion is to enrich our customers’ health and wealth, and in line with that we work closely with our partners to provide our customers with access to high-quality treatments as well as preventative treatment options. Our partnership with SSMC is crucial for us as it enables us to provide cashless treatments, preventative solutions such as complimentary flu vaccinations and on-site medical health checkups when it’s convenient to our customers, as well as informative health talks.”

Ms Pauline Tan, the CEO of SSMC, said, “Sing-Specialists Medical Centre provides the local community with good medical services, accurate diagnostics and quality treatments. 

“We believe this collaboration with Prudential and having PRUMyHealth will enable Cambodians to be proactive in managing their health with early preventive care. 

“We are proud to share the same vision and be the first medical centre to partner with Prudential in providing accessible and affordable medical services in Cambodia.” 

As part of the partnership, Prudential Cambodia has introduced “Home ME”, a mobile home medical examination service that enables customers to have private medical examinations at their doorstep when it is most convenient. 

This aims to provide convenience and easy access to healthcare and preventative solutions. 

In line with the partnership, SSMC has installed Prudential Cambodia’s innovative insurance selling machines (ISM) at its five-storey medical facility in the heart of Phnom Penh. 

The move is intended to enhance the customer experience and make it more convenient to purchase insurance. 

The partnership between Prudential Cambodia and SSMC is set to provide significant benefits to customers, making healthcare more affordable, accessible and convenient. 

The introduction of innovative technologies like Home Me and ISM will simplify the process of purchasing insurance and accessing healthcare services, reported The Phnom Penh Post.