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Japan: Nippon Life names partner for AI-driven initiatives

| 08 May 2023

Nippon Life has partnered with AI cloud tech firm to deploy driverless AI tools for the insurer's business. This will, in turn, better meet the needs of the company's policyholders, improve financial security of corporate health insurance unions, and support health promotion and disease prevention.

“AI is transforming the trillion-dollar healthcare insurance industry, both the businesses themselves and the care they facilitate,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and founder of “By helping Nippon Life advance their AI initiatives and create better customer experiences, the end result is literally, healthier people. And that’s what matters.”

Machine learning is the foundational element of artificial intelligence and uses algorithms to detect and extract patterns in data to predict certain outcomes based on that analysis. systematically addresses multiple steps of the data science lifecycle with automation designed to reduce complexity across tasks and empower data scientists to implement AI projects with higher accuracy more efficiently.

With this partnership, Nippon Life – the largest life insurance company in Japan is, in effect, creating an entire in-house data science team by partnering with and making its technology pervasive throughout the organisation.

“ will greatly contribute to the creation of advanced AI models that help us act as a socially responsible partner to our customers while also strengthening risk mitigation healthcare services in addition to risk preparedness insurance,” said Mr Tetsuya Ueda, Executive Officer IT Planning Department at Nippon Life Insurance.