Thailand: Prudential to offer affordable high-quality breast cancer treatment

| 03 Jul 2023

Prudential has announced a regional partnership with Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) to provide its customers in Asia access to breast cancer treatment and other related services in Thailand.

Through this collaboration, all insured customers of Prudential in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar can seek treatment for breast cancer with cost certainty at BDMS' renowned Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. BDMS is the largest private hospital network in Thailand and has established Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth, the first private cancer hospital in the country located within Bangkok Hospital.

Customers who are eligible and clinically appropriate for this value-added service will benefit from a predetermined ceiling amount for a 12-month treatment period, including both treatment costs and certain accommodation expenses. All or part of the treatment costs will be covered by any health insurance policies they may have with Prudential. In addition, customers will have access to translation services, airport pickups, and concierge services.

The collaboration reflects Prudential's commitment to narrow the health and protection gap by making affordable healthcare more accessible. The Asia Pacific region is home to 60% of the world's population and accounts for about 50% of total global cancer incidence, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. With rapidly ageing populations and changes in lifestyles and environmental exposures, cancer treatment is expected to play an increasingly important role in the health of the region.

Mr Solmaz Altin, Managing Director, Strategic Business Unit, Prudential plc, said, "The claims data across our markets consistently show that cancer treatment is the highest health claim cost for our customers compared to other types of treatment. In Hong Kong and Indonesia for example, breast cancer treatment accounts for over 25% of our total cancer-related health claims cost in each market. With increasing healthcare costs, a cancer diagnosis may pose a financial burden on patients and their families. 

"Having timely access to quality and affordable healthcare is key to treating the disease and reducing financial challenges. This is why we've partnered with BDMS to offer high-quality medical care for our customers in Asia with the assurance that they do not have to pay more than the agreed maximum amount." 

Ms Narumol Noi-am, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PLC, said, "BDMS is committed to three core concepts: Value, Quality and Priority is You. Through this game-changing collaboration with Prudential, we are demonstrating this commitment to providing immediate and cost-effective access for patients outside Thailand requiring life-saving cancer treatment at a leading cancer program in Asia Pacific. Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth achieves some of the best five-year breast cancer survival rates in the world equivalent to or even surpassing those at providers in the US or Western Europe."