Australia: Bupa launches new campaign to inspire healthier choices

| 29 Apr 2024

Bupa Health Insurance has introduced its latest marketing initiative, "Good health is contagious." The campaign was launched in response to findings from the Bupa Pulse Check survey, which showed a significant trend among Australians towards prioritising health and wellbeing.

Developed alongside creative agency Thinkerbell, this campaign represents the inaugural major effort under Bupa's “Healthcaring” platform. 

It is based on the idea that healthy behaviours can spread within communities, capitalising on Bupa’s extensive reach across Australia with more than 4.3 million customers. This strategy aims to simplify the process of making health-conscious decisions supported by Bupa’s insurance offerings.

According to Mr Jim Ingram, group chief creative tinker and founder of Thinkerbell, the campaign is designed as a catalyst for spreading health positivity. 

“With this idea, Bupa will be a spark for all kinds of contagious health – from dental check-ups, to mindfulness, to… well lycra, all helping people remember that we can catch good stuff from each other too,” he said. 

Ms Naomi Driver, general manager of marketing at Bupa, commented that the campaign reflects the current health attitudes of everyday Australians, focusing on how incremental changes can enhance overall health.

“As a healthcare partner to millions of Australians, we want to help people feel confident they can live healthier, whatever good health looks like to them. We love the potential this idea has for helping good health catch on across the broader community,” she said. 

The new campaign commenced recently, with advertisements appearing on various platforms such as digital, social media, television, radio, and outdoor channels, reported Insurance Business.