Cambodia: Manulife launches comprehensive life insurance solution for entrepreneurs & HNWIs

| 02 May 2024

Manulife Cambodia has introduced Manulife Premier, a new, comprehensive life insurance solution designed to offer entrepreneurs, SMEs, and affluent individuals with a financial protection plan and a legacy for a better future for their future generations.

Unveiled at the official launching event, Manulife Premier has unique benefits and the comprehensive coverage to mitigate the financial challenges and better prepare for the future through: 

  • Providing wide protection: Cover up to 62 critical illnesses, the most extensive protection available in the country; 
  • Maximising your financial goals: Tailor your plan with life boosters up to $1 million face amount, reflecting customer unique needs and aspirations;
  • Saving on your own terms: Enjoy the convenience of short-term payment options (five years) for a long-term protection (up to 15 years);
  • Making customisation easy: Choose to receive your savings benefit in a lump sum amount or installment; and
  • Creating a lasting legacy: Provide protection to life insured as early as 30 days old.

“At Manulife, we have a clear mission of building a healthier and better financial future for Cambodian families and our latest product – Manulife Premier – is a testament to how we stay true to that mission,” said Mr Rotha Chan, CEO and General Manager, Manulife Cambodia.

He added, “Our goal with this product is to not only offer the most extensive protection available in the country but also plan for the legacy for the families and the next generation by insuring children as early as 30 days old. And for those who look for a gift that amplifies their unwavering love for their family, and to leave a lasting legacy and a better future, Manulife Premier can well be that gift.

“Additionally, Manulife Premier is the ideal choice for large and medium business owners seeking to ensure the long-term sustainability of their enterprises, even in the face of unexpected life-altering events.

“I am immensely proud of the dedicated and visionary team at Manulife Cambodia who have brought this exceptional product to life, making it a reality for our valued customers in Cambodia.

Manulife Premier comes with a 5% to 8% discount for plans with a premium of $25,000 or higher. In addition, customers will have the opportunity to join the Manulife Prestige Club, where they can enjoy exclusive offers and priority services from Manulife, he said, reported Khmer Times.