Asia:A new prospecting site for agents - ""

12 Apr 2016

The Stark Group which started "" in Singapore last October is expected to launch officially in Thailand by the end of April. It aims to provide licensed insurance intermediaries the opportunity to conduct business-to-consumer transactions, which includes features that will make it easier to advise, sell and service their customers.

It is billed as an easy plug and sell responsive website that gives all the necessary tools for an
insurance agent to start prospecting online. Each agent simply subscribes to the service providing their licensing, regulatory and professional details as well as a profile image., then creates a personalised website.

The agent can access the tools to engage their prospect through an optimised customer journey. Their customer can get an immediate quotation online and purchase the policy via the website.

In the era where everything is online and digitalised, insurance intermediaries will now have the opportunity to focus on generating smart traffic to their website via social network and other e-marketing platforms.

As for customers, it provides access to personalised and authorised agent websites to check the characteristics, credentials, providers and products of different agents. It also provides an option for customers to purchase their insurance products through agent websites through a clear and mobile responsive customer journey.

Mr Matthias de Ferrieres, Stark’s Managing Director noted that it is extremely difficult for the insurance industry which is capital intensive to adapt to the digital world. But he added that the Stark Group has demonstrated its capacity to respond to the digital challenges the industry is facing and is just the beginning of the journey.