What to do when a client says "I will think about it"

| 28 Nov 2017

Feeling disheartened when you hear the response "I will think about it"? Tylus Lim, Neuro-Persuasion Expert from Jensen Siaw International, shares how to turn this objection into sales.

This video is produced in collaboration with Official Training Partner Jensen Siaw International.


Hi, this is Tylus Lim, bringing to you today an easy-to-use bite-sized idea to increase sales.

Now, imagine this: you are with a client, presenting to him or her the wonderful benefits of your offer, your product or service. You showed the client all the advantages and great outcomes that will happen to them when they say “Yes” to what you are proposing.

All seems good so far.

Then towards the end, you believe it is almost there and the client is ready to sign the deal but instead of a “Yes”, the client says the words that will cause most sales professionals to suffer a disappointing heart pain. The words are “I will think about it”.

Of course, many people in sales will just reply with things like “Sure, please think about it and give me a call when you have decided” and then they let the client go.

But in your case, please don’t do that. And that’s for good reason. Because let me ask you, when the client tells you, “I will think about it”, do you think they will really go home and think about your offer? Do you think they will really go home and think about your product or service? Probably not.

It is not their fault, of course. Because after meeting you, they are back to their own life, their own commitments, work and different things to deal with. Their mind is actually in a very different place and not really on what you are selling.

So instead of letting them go off so easily, here’s what you can do after they say “I will think about it”.

We can casually say back to them “Sure, let’s think about it together.”

The best person for clients to think with

After all, you are the best person for clients to think with, isn’t it? You know your product or service best. So obviously, thinking together with the client and helping them with the thinking is the most sensible thing to do.

And you can even say a little bit more. They go “Let me think about it” and you say, “Great, since I’m here, let me help you with that. What aspect of this offer or proposal are you thinking about?”  

So they can tell you for instance the price, or some things they may not be very clear about, you use that as a chance to focus on that to answer their questions and address their hidden objections.

You see, just by persisting and sticking around to think together with the client, that’s when a sale can happen instead of slipping away.

So there, the next time a client says to you “I will think about it”, there is no need to feel upset. In fact, deep inside you should feel good because it is a perfect opportunity for you to help them.


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