Thriving with the right mentor and organisational culture - Ryo Shu, banker-turned-financial consultant

| 28 Jun 2019

A data analyst-turned-banker-turned-financial consultant, Ryo Shu now combines his passion for numbers with knowledge and applies it to his work. He shares why it is a privilege to be a "financial doctor" and why finding the right mentor and organisational culture are keys to success.

Ryo is an Honours graduate in Mathematical Statistics and Probability from the National University of Singapore. With a strength to turn numerical data into useful and insightful information, it was natural for him to start his first job as a data analyst.

However, as time passed, he found out that he preferred a career that enabled him to socialise and communicate with others. This led him to change his profession to a banker and eventually, a financial consultant.

To Ryo, he coins himself and his financial consultant colleagues as “financial doctors”.


He shares, “We are lucky to have the expertise and chance to help people grow their savings, protect their families, and increase their financial capability. Personally, it gives me great satisfaction being able to listen to my clients’ needs, 'diagnose' their current financial condition, and come up with antidotes to resolve their issues – just like a doctor would!”


To him, as a financial consultant, his primary role is to help people protect their loved ones through means of solid financial planning. Therefore, he always takes the extra effort to listen to his clients’ stories and experiences so that he will be able to advise them with a more comprehensive yet personal approach to achieve their financial goals.


Ryo also believes that a financial consultant should always stay up-to-date with financial trends and economic developments, as this might directly or indirectly affect his clients. In his opinion, keeping tabs with these constant developments also enables him to maintain his professionalism and service quality.


”As a financial consultant, we need to be kind and considerate. There may be situations where the clients are not very familiar with financial plans, insurance, or investments. As the experts, we need to be understanding and patient when explaining the terms and procedures to them,” Ryo explains. He also mentioned that being a good listener is essential to fully gauge the personalised needs and requirements of every client.

Ryo shared a memorable experience which he had encountered in his financial consultancy journey so far. “This incident happened when I was still working as a banker. A lady, working as a MOE English teacher, came to my branch and declared that her husband died in his sleep. He had a CPFOA investment, but since it was closed, it was quite difficult to withdraw the investment as cash. It was also my first time encountering such a complicated situation. Thankfully, a week later, I managed to cash out her husband's investment.

During that period, I could feel her sadness of losing her other half; I spent time sharing and talking to her like a friend, discussing many personal issues, including faith and religion. We continued to stay in touch even after the investment was cashed out. Three months later, she bought three endowment plans with me, two of which are for her children. Even to this day, we remain close and contact each other frequently. This reaffirms my belief that when you are kind and considerate to others, they will feel your sincerity.”


Photo: Ryo Shu together with his mentor, Jaden Wang and fellow financial doctor, Jaslyn Ng


As for aspiring financial consultants, Ryo shares, “Just keep looking forward. Don’t forget your original intention when you entered this industry. The journey will not be easy; you’ll face objections and failures, so you need to have a strong heart and be prepared for the challenges that come your way.”


He reassures that he and his JWG family members are always willing to help and support the newbies in the industry. “I believe that everyone has the talent and potential to succeed in this industry. What they need is to meet the right mentor. As our mentor and leader, Jaden has built a culture where all of us are supportive of each other’s career growth and personal development.


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