Training and motivation on the go

| 09 Jul 2019

We've heard you. Because you want training and motivation on the go, AAN has launched our very own podcast channel on Soundcloud.

It’s complimentary. Yes, free. So post it and share it with all your friends, advisers and colleagues.

We’ve put it together in a playlist to make it easy for you:

To get a taste of what it's like, here is a list of our Top 5 picks:

Loved Ones Pouring Cold Water On Your Goal - by Jensen Siaw


Building your Network – by Benjamin Ang


Handling I Will Think About It Objections – by Tylus Lim


Personal Branding to leave a deep and positive impression – by Joshua Luke


Achieve MDRT Every Year – by Jensen Siaw


Of course, if you are a visual creature, we have a lot more videos on YouTube and Facebook.

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