Digital life: You can have the world at your fingertips - Matsee Lamsun, Asia's Top 5 Digital Agent of the Year

| 12 Jul 2019

Although relatively new in the insurance industry, Matsee Lamsun is in the running as a finalist in the Digital Agent of the Year category in the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards which will be held in Bangkok on 18 July.

Upon graduation, Matsee married and started a family. And like the modern woman that she is, she wanted to find a job that gives her the flexibility to pursue a career without compromising on the quality of family time.


Meeting the right person at the right time

It was then that she met her former boss, who was a sales manager at that time. Matsee’s boss understood the struggle of her wanting to balance work and life, and could empathise when Matsee’s family strongly disapprove her choice to become an insurance agent.

With Matsee’s mindset on carving a career path for herself, she made the best of the opportunities that were thrown her way. Soon, Matsee was attending training courses and taking up advertising booths at hospitals and meeting potential clients. The exposure gave her time to observe and gain new experiences about consumer behaviours and habits. And that made her realise that people were spending more time on online platforms because it’s more convenient and it’s faster.


Digital life: You can have the world at your fingertips

What Matsee saw in real life, made her realise the boundless opportunities that were available in the digital world. With a little bit of research and testing out the various social media platforms, she soon started her own online marketing campaign.

Her digital world consisted of five platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line Chat, and a website. And her gameplay was simple – capture the user’s attention span in the quickest way possible – using images.

Consistency was also a rule she follows by. Keeping her audience updated on a daily basis with at least two messages that may or may not relate to her line of work. Hash-tagging on each post also helps to reach targeted users, as well as increase the number of views.

She lives by a philosophy quote from the famous Sun Tze, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Which is why she paid attention to not just her company’s insurance plans, but also to their competitor’s plans. To her, absorbing as much information like a sponge was her way of showing her customers that she cares and thinks the best for them. Being able to compare products and boil down to the plan that best fit their financial needs and wants is Matsee’s way of life.


Always on the go with Digital

Going digital can mean a lot of things.

It can mean you’re carrying 50 customers’ profile all in an iPad or smartphone without the hassle of flipping through tons of paperwork kept in archives somewhere down in a musky storeroom. It can also give you the freedom and flexibility to work from home, now that anything digitalised can be stored on the cloud. Simply get connected to a safe connection, and voila, accessibility anytime, anywhere.

Within a span of two years, Matsee has achieved something many of us are trying to work toward to – a work-life balance environment. But, according to her, she’s not slowing down and definitely not stopping. She plans to build up her team and expand further in the online market whilst keeping up with the digital world.

“No one knows what the future of the online market will be like, but for certain I’m sure that by keeping up with the digital world around us, our team will become one of the most successful sales team in our company.”


Prestigious Award

Emerging as a finalist in the Awards is one of Matsee’s proudest moments and she feels very honoured to have come this far in the competition. She said, “Regardless whether I win or not, this award has allowed me and representatives from all around the Asian region to come together, unite and celebrate the best in the insurance industry. And that to me is already a win.”


Matsee Lamsun would be attending the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards Gala Dinner . The winners would only be announced at the Awards Gala Dinner. So, come and join us in the celebration where we honour and recognise the best in Asia.

Cocktail session starts at 6:30pm. See you there!