Singapore: Singtel launches wellness platform, StepUp, with AIA

| 22 Jul 2019

Asia's leading communications technology group Singtel has partnered AIA to unveil StepUp, a wellness platform that allows customers to earn local mobile data with every step they take.

StepUp is available to Singtel postpaid customers on My Singtel app and will also offer lifestyle rewards from AIA and other partners, as well as content relating to wellness, fitness and nutrition, to encourage Singaporeans to lead more active lifestyles.

Singtel’s strategic partnership with AIA is a first-of-its-kind between two industry leaders in communications technology and life insurance in Singapore. The companies will team up to digitally engage their customers on the wellness front and also co-create innovative insurance products relevant to customers’ increasingly digital lifestyles.

Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO, Consumer Singapore, Singtel said, “We want to encourage healthy lifestyles and wellness, and with StepUp, customers will be rewarded for their efforts to keep fit. We are always trying to find ways to offer customers products, services and perks to complement their digital lifestyles. Our partnership with AIA marks a shared commitment to champion the importance of staying active for life.”

Mr Patrick Teow, CEO, AIA Singapore said, “AIA has been a strong advocate and proponent for healthy living, introducing numerous initiatives which, of course, include our award-winning AIA Vitality programme that leverages behavioural science to encourage and incentivise healthy behaviours that evolve into healthy lifestyles and habits.

“Our partnership with Singtel redefines what it means to enable healthier, longer, better lives in today’s digitally-enriched world. Through leveraging Singapore’s digital advantage, our common shared value is to make a real difference in people’s lives, particularly when Singaporeans are spending more time on their digital devices such as their mobile phones and living sedentary lives. With StepUp, individuals and families can now take charge of their own health and integrate more active lifestyle habits into their daily lives.”

With StepUp, customers can earn up to 3GB of mobile data depending on the number of steps they take in a month. For example, a customer who takes 5000 to 7500 steps a day over the course of a month will be able to redeem 1GB of mobile data, while a customer who achieves a daily goal of 10,000 steps in a month will receive 3GB of mobile data. In addition to the mobile data earned, customers can sign up for various partner challenges to claim lifestyle rewards.

In addition, from 1 August, Singtel customers can also take on the AIA Vitality Challenge on StepUp to claim lifestyle rewards such as movie tickets, gourmet coffee and ride-hailing vouchers. Launched in 2017, the AIA Vitality Challenge is designed to get members more active through incentives for hitting activity targets. More than 178 billion steps have been taken by AIA Vitality members to date.

By completing the target number of steps, individuals who are AIA Vitality members as well as Singtel customers will be able to redeem rewards from both the platforms.

Mr Richard Wyber, Partnership Distribution Officer, AIA Singapore said, “We are thrilled to be taking our partnership with Singtel into the next phase. It is very evident in today’s fast-paced digital world, partnerships are critical to staying relevant and keeping connected with customers. That is because we can leverage each other’s strengths to deliver products and services to customers that are more easily accessible, contextually relevant and offer solutions to customers that we would not have dreamed of, say, 10 years ago.”

To kick-start their StepUp journey and begin earning mobile data, all customers need to do is to log into My Singtel app, activate StepUp and sync their steps from their iOS or Android smartphones. In the next few months, customers can also look forward to more reward options such as a free Diet & Sports DNA kit by GeneLife to help customers eat and exercise well based on their DNA, as well as other rewards from PUMA and SingSaver.

To celebrate the launch of StepUp, customers who clock 10,000 steps a day at least once from now until 31 August will stand a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 4 or Samsung Galaxy Watch.

For more information on how to StepUp, customers can visit


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