AIA Introduces A-Plus MedCare: The first Personal Medical Case Management Service in Malaysia

| 30 Oct 2019

Photo from left to right: Heng Zee Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Bhd.; Tan Hak Leh, Regional Chief Executive of AIA Group; Sigal Atzmon, President and Chief Executive Officer of Medix; Ng Keng Hooi, Group Chief Executive and President of AIA Group; Ben Ng, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Bhd.; and Leong Chee Soong, Chief Agency Distribution Officer of AIA Bhd. at the launch of A-Plus MedCare.

AIA Bhd. launched its A-Plus MedCare rider, a solution which provides its customers with exclusive access to Personal Medical Case Management (PMCM) service during some of the most challenging times of their lives. When diagnosed with a serious or complex condition, AIA customers will be supported by a dedicated 24/7 case team which will provide guidance and support throughout their entire medical journey from diagnosis, through treatment, monitoring progress, and recovery.

Through A-Plus MedCare, AIA customers will gain access to a holistic medical assessment, re-evaluation of their condition, referral for additional diagnostic testing – where needed, ongoing multi-disciplinary consultations with renowned medical experts from around the globe, full care coordination, ongoing guidance and emotional support provided by a dedicated case management team which will support them every step of the way.


Additionally, in the event that overseas medical treatment is recommended due to a lack of local expertise in relevant fields, A-Plus MedCare will reimburse the cost of return flight tickets for the customer and one companion up to a combined limit of RM10,000 per lifetime.


All customers who purchase AIA’s flexible investment-linked plans A-LifeLink 2 and A-LifeJoy 2 and AIA PUBLIC Takaful’s A-LifeLink-i, A-LifeJoy-i and A-Life Fleksi will be able to add this rider to their policy/certificate. They will then be able to have their medical case reviewed by an expert team of 300 in-house physicians and a global quality accredited network of over 3,000 world-leading and independent medical specialists, ensuring they have the tools to make educated, quality-driven decisions and receive the best possible care throughout their medical journey, anywhere in the world.


This benefit will also be available to AIA Employee Benefits corporate clients through Group MedCare

The new PMCM service is provided exclusively by Medix, a company that specialises in quality global medical management services. This has come off the back of AIA Group’s recent strategic partnership with Medix in a number of markets including Malaysia, in its bid to deliver a differentiated proposition that optimises care and improves medical outcomes for AIA’s customers across the Asia-Pacific region.


With the advances in research and abundance of new treatment modalities and new technologies, Medix’ PMCM service serves as a bridge between the patient and medical world, alleviating the stress and pressure that customers and their families face when dealing with serious medical problems and ensuring access and implementation of quality care.


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