HSBC Life partners with Preferred Global Health to provide premium Global Medical Care Services

| 31 Oct 2019

Edward Moncreiffe, Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Life (second on the left), David Fried, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Preferred Global Health (second on the right), Dr Wing Chan, Chief Medical Affairs, Hong Kong, HSBC Life (first on the left) and Andrew Sokolov, Global Director of Care Management Services, Preferred Global Health (first on the right) announced the partnership to provide Global Medical Care Services to customers of the HSBC Health Goal Insurance Plan.

HSBC Life announced its partnership with Preferred Global Health ("PGH") to provide Global Medical Care Services to customers of the HSBC Health Goal Insurance Plan ("HGIP"), a pioneering health protection and savings insurance plan. Through this value-added service, customers facing a critical illness diagnosis of stroke, heart disease or cancer will be able to access personalised care and consultation services from experts amongst the top ranked hospitals in the US, including over 6,700 Harvard-level specialists. Global Medical Care Services offer unique Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan, Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue and US Care Management to provide best-in-class solutions to help manage and overcome critical health conditions.

According to research, there were more than 1.5 million preventable medical errors identified worldwide in 2018, resulting in avoidable hardships to patients’ lives and a huge cost burden. While Hong Kong’s healthcare system has an excellent reputation for its quality and efficiency, receiving diagnosis verification and treatment plans from leading multidisciplinary teams of specialists can help ensure the best outcomes for patients.

This allows patients to make informed decisions about their course of treatment. The partnership marries HSBC Life’s commitment to enhancing Hongkongers’ health and wellness with PGH’s mission to improve medical outcomes for patients.  

Customers insured with HGIP can leverage Global Medical Care Services to connect with leading hospitals and specialists in cancer, heart disease and stroke - the top three killer diseases in Hong Kong3, to receive the optimal treatment plan available to them. This service aims to alleviate the stress and pressure for customers and their families, enabling them to make informed decisions about their treatment plans and receive ongoing guidance and support to get through a challenging period. 
Global Medical Care Services will provide the following services:  

  • Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan confirms or provides further diagnosis and helps develop an optimal treatment plan. Each medical case will be reviewed in-depth by multidisciplinary teams of Harvard-level specialists in the US, enabling patients to make informed decisions about their course of treatment.
  • Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue is a pioneering service that facilitates professional collaboration between the local doctor and medical experts via secure video conferencing, to discuss and develop an optimal treatment plan. Patients can choose to stay close to home to receive their treatment.
  • US Care Management4 arranges all the medical appointments on the patients’ behalf with personalised concierge service, if they opt to be treated in the US. The all-round concierge service includes the arrangement of travel, accommodation, hospital, billing and after-care for patients. 


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