Singapore: Appointment of MDRT MCC 2019/2020 Committee Members

| 27 Nov 2019

MDRT MCC 2019/2020 Committee Members with Laura Hoi, MDRT MCC Zone Chair

The MDRT MCC Singapore has appointed 2019/2020 committee members to continue to serve and work at the local level, monitoring industry activities and involvement worldwide. The MCC Singapore committee is a communication link between MDRT leadership and membership at large.

Here is the line up for the MCC Singapore committee:

Delia Wong – Country Chair

Equipped with her strengths in motivating others especially in the areas of mindset, attitude and public relations, Delia heads and oversees the MDRT MCC Singapore 2019/2020 with the support of her committee members. Delia also works very closely with the management staffs of the industry companies to better understand their corporate directions.


Ng Wee Cheng - Members Engagement Head

Wee Cheng enhances membership by value adding to various channels like the members, aspirants and insurance companies. She also creates strategies to internally engage members effectively.


Nadia Witjano - External Relations Head

Nadia handles public relations matters with external partners beyond the insurers. She also brings the message of membership benefits more effectively.




Fuji Yeo - Corporate Communications (IFAS) & Tenzin Quek - Corporate Communications (Tied)

Fuji & Tenzin coordinate with company chairs to communicate information to company heads and gather support and interest from insurers in their respective portfolios.


Jenny Zhang - Members Liaison / PGA & Jonathan Khoo - Members Liaison (Sub Committee)

Jenny and Jonathan work with Member Resources Sub Committee to communicate with members and aspirants.


Daniel Ong, Cody Chen (Sub Committee) & Jessie Ang (Sub Committee) - Social Media

Daniel, Cody and Jessie handle the social media platforms to create more awareness on MDRT. They also create articles, sales ideas and videos by local MCC for MDRT Singapore members.


Jerry Yeo - Members Resource, Jasmine Lee – Members Resource (Sub Committee) & Megan Lee – Secretary Admin.

Jerry and Jasmine choose suitable resources from HQ from Blog, RTT, Website.

Jerry and Megan handle all secretarial administration of the MDRT MCC Singapore Committee.


Catherine Chee – Treasurer

Catherine handles finance-related matters pertaining to MDRT MCC Singapore.


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