Take a deep breath, and sprint!

| 13 Dec 2019

We're counting down with you. And this month is the month where it makes or breaks for many of you. For those of you whom have already reached your target, kudos to you! But, in the season and spirit of giving, do look out for your colleagues who might just need that little burst of encouragement or moral support.

So, at AAN, we do what we do best. We share the good stuff and we're here to give you some boosters from people who were once like you- struggling to achieve goals. 

Final Sprint messages:

Wave Chow - Insurance Agency Leader of the Year 2019


Jason Chu- Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the year 2019


Steven Lam- Vice President, Business Development and Culture Transformation, Sun Life Hong Kong


Amy Wat- Insurance Agent of the Year 2018


Willis Lau- Digital Agent of the Year 2019 Finalist 


Want more?

3 tips to achieve your year-end goal - Agnes Ng, Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year 2018

Focus and whatever obstacles will be out of focus - Zhou Ai Hua

It is your turn to shine - Chris Gardner


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